Seth Houdeshell 10/30/2011 – “The Tunnel to Future Problems” in Lucid Dreaming


This was my first time I tried the experiment of ‘asking the dream to show me something’. I became lucid in a long, populated hallway of an airport/shopping mall type of building. I don’t know what sparked lucidity.


There was a coffee shop/bar with a dj playing music. I decided to get some kind of a healthy fruit drink, then I began to dance with a woman to the music. She stroked my back and chest with her fingers while we were dancing, and it felt very good and I told her so. Then I saw an otherwise normal man with green skin. I asked him why his skin was green. He looked away, although not rudely, and didn’t answer. I started walking down the hallway, shifting focus to different objects and people to avoid waking up.


Then I remembered to ask my dream to show me something. A Hispanic man in work pants and a work shirt with an embroidered name patch showed up. He began to show me down a hallway. I told him I appreciated his help, but I hoped we could hurry because I have trouble staying asleep long in lucid dreams. He took me through some big metal doors into an expansive room that looked like a brightly lit video game arcade that seemed to have an automotive racing theme. This was strange to me because I think of video game arcades as often dark but lit up only with some neon lights or the games themselves. (I don’t play video games, by the way, so this was not an expected environment). However, the arcade was actually empty of games, it just looked as if that’s what kind of facility it was by the aesthetic of the room. Then we descended down several levels on some escalators.


When we got to the bottom floor, he showed me the entrance to a tunnel. The room it was in was white, brightly lit, but the tunnel was black on the inside. It did have light emanating from it through what appeared to be video screens that were scattered about on all sides of the circular interior surface as well as some multicolored digital lights. It was about 4 feet in diameter. I was a little apprehensive, so I asked the man, since he seemed friendly and like a guide, if he was going in with me. He said “no” and that I would be fine. He said I would be “working out some future problems” while in the tunnel. I asked how long it would take, and he replied “about 5 minutes”.


I entered and laid down on my stomach and was pulled through at a slow pace, about walking speed. The first thing I saw was the lit up word “cancer” which flickered and faded. It was not scary or ominous. It almost seemed as if the word was very fragile, indicating I would prevent or avoid cancer or that maybe I would get some kind of cancer that I could get through fairly eas-ily. The next word that flashed below me in tunnel was “benign prostate enlargement”. It seemed weird to see such a stark medical term in such a psychedelic dreamlike space. That word stayed lit up consistently, and my thought was, “Okay, I get it. I’ll have an enlarged prostate someday”. (I’m 37 years old now).


Finally, the next “screen” showed a black man sitting in a golden throne with a mask held up to his face that looked like a mardi gras kind of mask, half black on one side, half white. He looked very theatrical. I didn’t have a strong impression of what that meant, but it seemed as if he was a strong figure and it was his own inside joke, as if to say ―I‘m secure enough in my manhood to wear this silly mask‖. Then I felt claustrophobic and woke up. It was a very satisfying experience, and when I asked the dream to “show me something”, the result was truly unexpected. I regret I couldn’t stay in the whole 5 minutes to see what other screens had to show me.