Sebastian – Flying over My Town in Lucid Dreaming


I had a regular sleep and then my alarm woke me up. I went to sleep again and then I woke up in my room again. This time, all my furniture was moved randomly around, so I thought “This might be a lucid dream.” I jumped through my window, even though I felt scared, because if it was not a lucid dream, I would break all my legs. But I jumped, and I started to fly ! I flew over my town. Then I realized again “This must be a dream, because I am flying!”


I was flying for a long time, and then I crashed or something, though I can‟t remember. I woke up in someone‟s house, but not my house!. Now I thought that I was not dreaming anymore. I thought it was reality. I was freaking scared because I was in someone else‟s house! Everything seemed so clear, so it must have been reality, I thought.


Then I looked out the window and I had this thought again, I MUST be dreaming. So once again I jumped out of my window and I flew! Now I realized it was a lucid dream so I was going to test if I could control it. I wondered if I could “spawn” a human with my hands. I pointed my hands towards the ground and thought to myself that it would spawn a human. And it did! A girl spawned!


Then I flew down to her and she looked straight into my eyes. she started to laugh and told me she wanted to have sex. So we had sex ! I showed her that I could control the world. I pointed my hands towards the sea and waved. And then the sea water was flowing up in the air! It was amazing!! The girl was really impressed too!! THIS WAS THE MOST AMAZING THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ME!! The whole dream felt so real! It was amazing!!