Scott – My Guardian Encounter in Lucid Dreaming


I slipped straight into a dream from the hypnagogic state. I remember being in my grandmother‘s back garden. There was no specific trigger, I just knew it was a dream as I had been awake only minutes before. I became lucid.


I had set clear intentions and went about achieving my goals. First, I tried to stabilise the dream as it started to become very hazy. I focused on my hands, but I could not see them. I tried to focus on objects around me, but the landscape was blurred. I called out to the dream, ‘I want to see my Guardian.’ This was the first time I have shouted out an intention in a dream, I‘m a humble beginner. I was surprised to hear my own muffled voice; it was not at all clear. I repeated my intention twice more. I remember the sensation of being encased in a large duvet, trapped within it. Perhaps I was? I saw blurred images trying to form, blacks and reds. I was anxious at what would appear.


I felt like I was being transported through football-sized spheres of blue light. The spheres appeared in a kind of double helix formation. I floated through them for some time. I then awoke in a bed (still dreaming, still lucid). My wife was in a separate bed next to me. She was sitting upright rubbing her forehead as though recovering from a deep slumber. The room seemed like a medical centre, with white walls and white sheets on the bed. It was simply furnished with desks at the far end. I saw a face, alien looking with pale green skin, sunken cheeks, small beady eyes, bald and aged. In fact, it looked quite like a corpse, but not decomposed.


Whilst the alien face didn‘t morph as such, the dream seemed to skip to an image of a more human face: grey hair, spectacles, perhaps mid-sixties with an air of authority, certainly much more alive. I asked the man if he was my guardian, and he said, ‘Yes.’ I asked for his name, he told me it was Joseph, but I didn‘t catch his last name. It sounded like Leibowitz. I asked him if my wife was committed to our relationship.


He said, ‘Who is she?’ I found this extraordinary; my own subconscious doesn‘t know my wife? I told him her name and he went on to say, ‘She may have her faults, but you have nothing to worry about. You should have no concerns whatsoever.’ It was the way he said it that I distinctly remember. He was quite stern, like a father telling his son in a way to make the child really listen, to truly believe. I was about to ask my next question when the dream suddenly collapsed. It was as though I‘d had my one question, my one shot.


I awoke with a feeling of great relief. I was almost overwhelmed with emotion. At first I was baffled that the dream figure did not know who my wife was. However, on further reflection, I was reassured that my guardian seemed to possess a certain level of independence, which made what he said all the more believable. I‘ve needed someone to tell me those words for many months, as I‘ve had a particularly rough ride in waking reality. That reassurance was very comforting, particularly when it came from my own inner self.