Sandra Mayer – Pretty Lucid In Pink in Lucid Dreaming

This wake-induced lucid dream (WILDS) took place during a long, three-hour, daytime nap, so the room was not very dark at all. I believe the light in the room influenced this dream, which I’ll talk about later. For a week or so prior to this dream, I had been having episodes of insomnia and poor dream recall. My journal has a gap in the record and I was starting to grow concerned. My last lucid dream had been exactly a month ago.

So here is the dream: I saw a pink field–I think it may have been caused by bright sunlight shining onto my eyes through a crack in a window blind. My focus kept shifting from this field of lovely pink light to what appeared to be the inside edges of my eye. I felt completely “awake” but I was actually in an alert, hypnogogic state. My focus shifted back and forth a few times between this pure color field and my internal anatomy. I somehow knew that I could play with this pink light and turn it into a lucid dream. (When these rare, hypnogogic images appear, I’m also aware of their delicate fragility. They have a tendency to fade in and out–only rarely materializing into a lucid dream state, even with concentrated effort. It’s a lot like trying to catch a butterfly with your bare hands without damaging any of its wings.)

I mentally said, “Show me something.” The pink field generated a watermark that said ‘SHUTTERSTOCK.’ I often search for stock photos at my publishing job, so the appearance of this watermark amused me– a dream pun of sorts.

Then the pink color field transformed into beautiful, sloshing turquoise water. At first, it was like seeing a nature show on a TV screen, but within seconds I felt like I was actually floating around in the water, but it wasn’t completely tactile–I did not feel temperature, nor did I feel wet. A killer whale appeared off to my right.

Then a big sturgeon swam by. When it came closer, it morphed into a yellow mechanical fish. The last creature to appear looked like a coelacanth. Its mouth opened widely as it swam by my face, which I found very disturbing. During this underwater episode, I imagined that my husband was there with me as a witness to my lucidity, so I kept asking him if he, too, had seen these creatures. (He had been sleeping beside me and although we sometimes have had interesting dream synchronicities in the past, nothing out of the ordinary occurred this time.)

The dream changed. I was suddenly in New York City on Broadway around 8th Street. The light was very intense, glinting off nearby apartment windows. I decided to float straight upwards into the sky. This action was natural and effortless. At that moment, I convinced myself that this was an OBE, because everything looked so real and I’m very familiar with this area. (In retrospect, I don’t think it was an OBE. In fact, I’ve never had an OBE, but I have become a bit obsessed with them this year–reading literature and watching many YouTube videos.)

I floated high up in the sky between two tall buildings and saw an attractive black woman wearing a shiny purple suit, a red scarf and a brilliant red hat. She seemed to be on a very high floor sitting by an open window. Someone said a conference was going on and I should speak with her. I kept floating higher and higher.

I called out to the greater awareness, “Show me something important.” Nothing much seemed to happen at first. I enjoyed the flying sensation for a while, surrounded by sparkling light. Then I found myself back with the purple outfitted woman. I was bragging about my lucid state and my ability to manipulate hypnogogic imagery. She said not to get so cocky about it. She also warned me not to get too lost in altered states and to beware of my ego. There was more to the dream but I can’t remember it.

Just before going to sleep I had reread the first few pages of Anthony Peake’s book on OBEs where he describes his experience of sitting in front of the LUCIA light in Switzerland. Reading about his experience may have induced my own mini-Lucia moment brought on by the sun flickering through our window blinds. If nothing else, it’s a funny synchronicity.


So, in my lucid dream-story, there was a killer whale, a yellow sturgeon-like fish and a coelacanth-like fish. I decided to do some follow-up research. The yellow sturgeon-like fish that I saw looked a lot like a ‘Moythomasia durgaringa.’ This particular fish is armored, yet flexible–a very nice dream symbol. And the coelacanth-like fish looked a lot like, ‘Guiyu oneiros’ which means ‘dreamfish.’ DREAMFISH!! I love these silly dream puns! (BTW– I’m not a zoologist–this information was a surprise.)

Going dream-fishin’ instead of just a wishin’… 🙂