Sandra Mayer – Lucid World in Lucid Dreaming

I had an extremely lucid dream. At first I was spending time with some people that I did not know at all, yet they acted like close friends. One was a Frenchman and the other was a musician. They were charming, good-natured, and spoke both English and French. I remember giving some of their friends a lot of chocolate. The Frenchman seemed obsessed with sailing.

I left them at one point to hike down a wooded path. It became very steep and treacherous. I was about halfway along the trail, when it narrowed into a spider and cobweb-filled channel. I tried brushing the cobwebs away to see if I could go through it, but it was impossible. There were people waiting behind me, wondering what I was going to do. Eventually, I opted to go around it. This left me hanging in midair over a rocky drop off. I deftly twisted around in space and found a rough, stone stairway leading down. This action triggered lucidity.

Now that I was at the bottom, I was free to walk around. There were beautiful Italian-style buildings. I realized that I could create this landscape in my mind however I chose. I changed the buildings’ shapes and colors. I made windows bigger and smaller. I invented stores and restaurants. I even saw a man on a balcony drop a box. I watched it fall, then made the box retrace its path back up to the man and hit him lightly on the head. A wall was in my way and I decided to go right through it. It seemed to break apart into several shapes, allowing me passage. (I was expecting to flow right through it, but that did not seem possible.) For a while I simply enjoyed playing with this world–making it change and shift in all kinds of wonderful ways.