Sandra Mayer – Lucid ‘I Spy’game, Workmen & Paradise in Lucid Dreaming Stories

This was a multi-part dream–mostly very lucid and semilucid.

The first dream took place in an 18th century interior space. There were lots of art objects, old furniture, and two large oil paintings–one of a person hugging a massive, black horse. I somehow realized that I was dreaming. I decided to make a color sketch of the horse painting. I had a dream pad and dream paint that splattered and sparkled when it hit the dream paper. The horse that I drew turned into a 3-D boar’s head. This didn’t bother me. I somehow knew this action would help me remember the artwork so I could sketch it in waking life. I noticed several people sitting in a corner. I immediately told them that this was a dream. They seemed intrigued. Then we played a little game: I would point to an object and describe what I saw; then they would tell me what they saw. For instance, they pointed to a red and blue sculpture and told me that it was a green vase. Occasionally we saw exactly the same thing.

The second dream was very long. Some parts were lucid, but at times I lost focus. The non-lucid dream parts remained vivid, but my choices were reduced and there was no flying. I saw were huge amphitheaters–some empty, some full of people. I flew over them. There were other odd buildings. It was fun to swoop over them. I flew to a rainforest resort at the top of a very steep hill. I had no hotel room, luggage or gear–just a porch with benches. I spoke to a woman who explained that I could use Ayurveda oil as a mosquito repellent. Nearby there was a very steep amphitheater with scaffolding. I was able to leap around on it effortlessly, but at this point in the dream, I wasn’t quite lucid. Whenever I realized that it was a dream, I went on some quick flying adventure. I was able to go through walls and ceilings. For a brief moment I got stuck in a room. There were windows on all four sides. Oddly, I kept banging up against the glass unable to exit. I finally willed myself out and was again floating above a vast landscape of amphitheaters and other buildings. I asked for a dream healing. I sensed my body turning blue as I floated up into the sky.

Then the dream shifted again and I was completely lucid until I awoke. At first I was in a quarry full of huge work machines and men in orange suits. I flew around them, much to their annoyance. They kept trying to grab me, but I always got away. It was truly odd being in this desolate, destroyed landscape with all these angry macho men.

Then I asked to see a former friend with whom I had had a falling out. I saw a wooden cutout of a human with messy abstract scribbles on its surface–one dimensional and crudely drawn… (sadly, on target).

Then I saw a group of people in front of me walking along a sidewalk. These dream characters devolved into a series of morphed cutouts. I could see each person’s movement in stop motion.

When I left this dream segment, I was suddenly flying over a lush pine forest. R. and J. joined me. We wound up in a dimly lit room. All the windows were covered with drawn shades. I said to them that we could go anywhere we wanted. No one made any suggestions so I said, “How about Bonaire?” We all stood by one of the windows. When I lifted the shade, we were suddenly swimming in turquoise water near an outdoor bar. Parrots were perched on the straw roof. R. seemed amazed. I told her that this has always been available to us–we just didn’t know how to take advantage of it. Sadly the alarm went off.