Sandra Mayer – Lucid Chinese Train Ride in Lucid Dreaming

I dreamed that I was in a modern mall-like complex. There were lots of escalators in this confusing, labyrinthine space. I got lost and wound up on a train. The compartment was dimly lit and had a low wooden bench on one side. Opposite me was a huge, polished wooden statue of a Chinese warrior. He seemed to have a living spirit inside him.

When I looked out the window, I could see that we were skirting a canal. Floating along side us was a beautifully carved, red lacquer Chinese boat. Once we got past the canal, the view opened up into a magnificent landscape. There were huge arena-like buildings—most in ruins. The clarity of the scenery was extraordinary and it tripped a switch— I suddenly realized that I was dreaming.

I continued to look at the landscape for a while. Then I found myself back in the mall. I decided to test out lucidity by floating upwards towards the ceiling, going right through the acoustic tiles and popping up onto the floor above. The ceiling had become like a cloud… It was very easy to pass through it. Then, I woke up.

(Later, I GOOGLED: old, arena, circular, buildings, China— and discovered the buildings in Fuyulou, Fujian, China—which mirrored my dream images. And although I had visited China back in 1986, I did not know anything about this unique region.)