Sandra Mayer – Lucid Art Space & Magical Hands in Lucid Dreaming

I dreamed that I boarded a NYC bus in a neighborhood that looked like a fantasy version of Brooklyn. It was very hilly with tightly-packed, exquisite apartment houses. The bus took a sudden turn and headed up a straight, steep road. I could hear the bus driver downshifting as the vehicle groaned its way to the top.

The buildings along this street were perched at odd angles–some perpendicular to the road. It made we wonder how the inhabitants managed to sleep and eat under such gravity-defying circumstances. When we reached the top, I asked the driver if we’d be going to Manhattan. She shook her head, no–she was only going to the Bronx.

So I got off and looked for a taxi. There were hundreds of cabs, but none of them would stop. Finally, an old fashioned vehicle with an attached wagon pulled up along side me. The driver looked like Harpo and he had a small white horse as his passenger. He jauntily proposed marriage then disappeared into the crowded street.

I turned down a side street and noticed that the architecture was suddenly very interesting. There were atriums with red-painted, irregularly shaped ceilings as well as murals and sculptures. The odd visual landscape triggered lucidity. I flew around then landed near a blond, chubby boy with glasses. I showed him how I could put my hand through his body. At first he recoiled and gave a little cry. I told him that this was a dream and that I was a ghost. This made him laugh. He decided that it was OK for me to put my hand through his body a few more times.

Then I asked the awareness to show me something important. I was suddenly flying through layers of wooden boards that sparkled as I broke through each barrier. When I reached the other side I saw a cubic array of challah bread loaves suspended in the air. Then I woke up. (When I had this dream, I had been sick with a stomach virus and had been eating a LOT of bread. Nonetheless, it was an oddly disappointing dream message.)