Sandra L. Mayer – Making A Snow-Scene Lucid & Asking Questions in Lucid Dreaming

This was my last dream of the night, so it was around 6 am. At first, I was in a hypnagogic state watching shapes and patterns come and go. A small box appeared in the dark, looking like a TV screen. It morphed into a hyper-real winter scene. I knew immediately that I could become lucidly aware. Then I asked the image to enlarge to fullscreen. This process reminded me of clicking on a YouTube video to make it bigger. Rather than explore this snowy territory or fly, I decided to ask a question. I mentally called out: “What do I need to know right now that will help me learn?”

The winter scene instantly dissolved. I found myself in a dimly lit room and could hear mumbling coming from somewhere in the vicinity. I mentally said: “Make it louder.” It became somewhat clearer and at the same time I entered a space that looked like an outdoor garden area at an Indian ashram. The dream was now completely lucid.

A woman was talking to a group of devotees. She did not look Indian, but she had a pleasant, round face and was wearing a western-style dress suit. She stopped speaking to the group, looked me in the eye and said, “Don’t rely on your regular friendships to learn about dreaming.”

Then the lucid clarity dissolved. Everything looked murky grey. I was laying on my side in my bed and a ghoulish creature was staring at me. He seemed middle-aged and had blondish hair. I did not know how to make him go away. He kept staring at me, while his face became more and more gruesome. The mouth opened, revealing sharp teeth. I tried to wake up. I finally succeeded in waking up—found myself still in bed, but the demonic creature was still next to me. I felt a touch of panic.

A moment later the gray, murky zone dissolved back to the lucid ashram. An attractive black woman wearing a colorful dress was seated next to me. She said, “So you wound up with a demon.

You were calm on the inside, but showed fear on the outside. Next time don’t show any fear at all. Just tell them to go away. Don’t be afraid.” I told her that the demon followed me when I awoke. She said, “Yeah, I saw that happen.” (I realized that it had been a dream inside a dream.) I asked her who the demon was. She said that it was a man who had been obsessed with whores. I asked if this man was dead. She said, “Yes.” I woke up.