Samantha – Flying Lucid Dream: X-Men Edition in Lucid Dreaming


I was woken up from a lucid dream. I knew this because I had been doing it my whole life but, it had never lasted this long before. The dream started off with me having the ability to move objects with my mind.


I was in a house with all these actors and I was the only one with this ability. As I walked to a swimming pool that was just down the block from the house, I started to fly. People came over to watch me and a young girl who was my “sister” in the dream grabbed my hand and I flew her back to the house.


When I arrived, a man was sitting in front of my house (it was the actor from the second dirty dancing movie). I immediately knew he could do things like me so I asked, “What do you do, sir?” He didn’t exactly understand the question so he responded, “Mechanic, what about you?” I asked the same question one more time and shut the door with my mind, then flew to the opposite side of the house.


My sleep was then interrupted, but since I‘ve been able to lucid dream I have also been able to rejoin my dream and continue it with some details changed.