Sam – OBE within a Lucid Dream


I’m lying in bed trying to initiate a WILD from the scene of a department store I see in my mind. All of a sudden, a completely different scene comes into my mind. I am running around playfully on the beach with the actress Rachel Bilson. Where this came from I have no idea, but I concentrate very hard on trying to “fall into” the scene. A kind of ‘wave’ rushes over me and I manage to do it, but it starts out weird.


It starts with me on the beach, but I am sort of gliding along the sand, very close to the ground. All I can see is the legs and feet of other people who are running around on the beach (probably 3 or 4 sets). I am directly beneath them; hovering around, traveling every which way.


I am extremely happy because I‘m essentially lucid and I know that I at least made it to the beach scene I was thinking of.


I start to feel a bit odd because it becomes apparent that I‘m not flying low or doing something cool like that; I actually have no body! Above me is now a single person running around on the beach like a looney. I think to myself, “Maybe I need to merge with that body.” That‘s exactly what must have happened because straight away I‘m ‘me‘, standing on the beach. Hooray!


Fully lucid now, I immediately start looking around for Rachel Bilson, but the beach is deserted except for a few people very far off in both directions. I try to make her appear. I say, ―Rachel Bilson will appear when I turn around‖. Nothing happens. I turn around a couple more times, trying to make her appear. After turning around a third time, I see the figure of a girl with dark hair about 10 feet away from me.