Ron Grubman – Hypnagogic or Lucid in Lucid Dreaming?

I recently restarted recording my dreams in order to have more frequent lucid dreams, a sometime practice of mine since 1982. One early morning I was awake but attempting to fall back asleep, hopefully directly into a lucid dream.

As usual, I was in the hypnagogic state with associated imagery. Then I noticed that the image had suddenly changed to a view of a rock-strewn mountainside that I was examining very closely and in beautiful detail, including a sparkling white knob protruding from a little indent in the rocks.

Immediately I recognized that this kind of detail was characteristic of my lucid dreams, and I said, “Okay, I am in a lucid dream.” Now comes the bad news: My next thought was, “No I am not dreaming yet, I am still hypnagogic.” I guess I believed that, despite the fact that in thousands of hypnagogic experiences I had never before seen this lucid-like view. Too bad, because I woke up and missed the opportunity to expand the lucid dream. There is a lesson in here somewhere.