Ron Grubman – Best Bargain of My Life in Lucid Dreaming

My dad got MS when I was about 10, and his ability to walk deteriorated rapidly until he was in a wheelchair  full time. From my teens until about age 40 (1983) I had a recurring dream that as I crossed a street my legs would get progressively bogged down as if walking through dense goop until I could go no further. I found out years later that my brother had recurrent dreams of similar ilk. In the 1980’s I read about Stephen LaBerge’s work at Stanford. I had read Castanada and realized that Don Juan’s “Dreaming” could be interpreted as Lucid Dreaming.

My interest was fired up and I spent many hours looking for my hands and so forth. After awhile I was able to have some infrequent (but sometimes very profound) lucid dreams, some of which I can recall in infinite detail 30 years later. Of interest here is that when one of my “legs are bogging down” dreams recurred for the nth time (where n was very large), I became lucid, and I simply said aloud something to the effect, “Aha, this is just a dream and I am sick and tired of having this same dream for the last 25 years.” And believe it or not, that was it. In the following 30 years or so the dream has NEVER recurred. When telling people about lucid dreaming, I used to say, “At $100 per hour for a shrink to get rid of such a dream, think of the money I saved by having this one lucid dream for a few minutes. Best bargain of my life.” This remains true to this day.