Robert – Gods And Ghosts September 3 2004


I dreamed that I was living on another planet. I was being driven around in a crowded limousine and I was being treated better than a rock star. It is at this point that I became aware that I was dreaming because of the obvious…I’m not famous.


To test that I was dreaming, I willed myself to turn myself invisible and walk among the people on the streets. I felt like a god. I came across a lawyer plotting to steal money from a hard working hot dog vender. When I caught the lawyer in the act, I became visible and watched as the lawyer fell to his knees and pleaded for his life. For he knew that in this world, I was God. I changed reality so that the hot dog vender became the lawyer and the lawyer became the hot dog vender.


They switched bodies, lives, wives, and bank accounts. But only the lawyer, now living in an older, aged body of what used to be the body of the hot dog vender knew the switch had taken place. The lawyer, now in the street vender’s body, thanked me for sparing his life. I walked away.


Becoming invisible again, I came across a woman in a simple home hidden away from the busier part of the city. She was sitting in her kitchen worrying over the fate of her daughter. Her daughter was dying of cancer. I sensed the child was going to die very soon. So, I made it not happen and I revealed myself to the woman and told her I was responsible for saving her daughter. She was so happy that she offered herself to me. And I accepted. She became pregnant with and gave birth to another child. I cannot recall if it was a boy or girl. I remained with her to help her raise the child. Now at this point I forget that I am dreaming:


There exists, in this town, a Grand Council of Gods that learned of the existence of the second child. They killed the woman and both her children. The Grand Council banished me and sent me off into time and space.


I eventually found myself falling through the atmosphere of a planet. I crawled out of the creator that was created from my fall. I climbed up and there was snow all around. I needed to cool off, so I fell and rolled around in the snow. Steam rose up as I rolled around. Two waitresses who were closing a restaurant near by came to see what had happened. They came over and saw me rolling around in the snow. They startled me as well as I startled them. I became embarrassed because I was completely naked! This is where I realized I was dreaming so I willed them not to be afraid. I commanded them, “Hide me!” And they did.


They placed me in a storage room and closed the door. In my mind, I could see the local authorities racing in police cars towards the restaurant. Two police officers walked through the restaurant and eventually, they opened the door to the room I was hiding in. They didn’t see me because I willed myself to become invisible right after they opened the door. What I saw were two uniformed police officers standing right in front of me; but behind them, stood two lobster-like ghosts standing behind the officers.


The lobster-ghosts had wires and cables going from them and into the minds of the police officers. The officers were puppets to the lobster ghosts. I was the only one that could see the lobster ghosts. Convinced that I wasn’t there, they turned and left in their police cars. The two waitresses were waiting for me in the dining area of the restaurant. One waitress had such big teeth that I couldn’t understand her when she talked. The other didn’t talk. Again, I realized that I was standing naked in a dream…


…so I became invisible again. The three of us walked to a car and drove to their apartment. There, I fixed the waitress with severe dental problems and made the other look thinner and sexier. I gave them the ability to send their thoughts to my mind, rather than speaking. The two of them sat and watched me as I watched television. I saw anchormen and women, political leaders, generals, athletes, and actors. Some had the lobster ghosts directing their actions, and some did not. We left and went shopping for clothes, then I woke up.