Rob from Norfolk, UK – Show Me Something Important in Lucid Dreaming

I am walking through Liverpool city (United Kingdom). I suddenly feel elated that I am back in Liverpool, like I’m at my spiritual home (which in itself is interesting).

I then start questioning how I could be in Liverpool as I’ve not been here since I finished studying as a student. I realise: This is a dream! And I become fully lucid. I take a quick look around my surroundings to ensure my lucidity remains intact, then attempt to say out loud, “Show me something important;” however, for some reason I am unable to speak. I try and centre myself and this time when I say it, the words come out fine. I wait and look around, expecting some response, but get nothing.

Not wanting to waste the lucid experience, I begin examining my surroundings. I walk past a trendy café and see M (an old colleague) sitting down. As per typical M, he is wearing a trendy that of some sort. I walk up to him, and ask him what he’s doing here. He gives me a typical Bolshie response. I ask him what he represents and he says something like, “What the f**# do you think I represent?” I figure it will be funny to see what happens if he sees me float in the air a little, so I do this. He just looks at me, unimpressed. I decide to pick him up and throw him into the air so he floats away. As he does, his trendy hat falls off and falls on the floor. It is green. I look at it and it has a picture of a kind of demonic looking man, a little like Ayatollah but with glowing red eyes. I put the hat on and continue exploring.

There is some kind of procession going on, people celebrating something. I am amazed I’m still lucid at this point, and keep reminding myself that I’m aware so as to not lose the lucidity. I try asking the dream again, “Tell me something important.” Again, nothing happens. However, an old wizened man walks up to me. He looks a bit like the Asian actor from the film Golden Child—basically a Chinese sage. He says to me, “What did it say to you?” (referring to my questioning of the dream). I say, “Nothing.” The old man then says, “That’s because God has no self. So, how could he respond to you?”

I start following the man but I can feel the lucidity start to waver. I ask him to tell me something else that’s important or interesting, and he begins warning me about something. It becomes difficult to interpret what he’s saying to me now. He says, “Don’t follow the list.” I’m not sure what he’s referring to so I ask him to elaborate. He then says, “It won’t check out.” I am then shown a supermarket checkout belt with various items of fruit on it. I know that one of the items of fruit (from the list) won’t be accepted or will cause problems. I see something from the list won’t “check out.”

At this point I’m keen on remembering the experience so I wake myself up.