RickM – Be Careful What You Wish For in Lucid Dreaming

Walking in an unfamiliar room, I came upon an old chest and opened its curved hood to see an assortment of items wrapped in dusty old newspaper. Picking a round object, I unwrapped its contents to reveal a hefty paperweight. It was made primarily of clear glass with a green translucent orb in the center. Thinking to  myself, “Gee, another dream about glass,” this comment sparked lucidity. With excited anticipation, I thought about how to start an exploration of a dream world that I rarely get to experience consciously.

Deciding to pop through the ceiling, I took a quick leap penetrating its plane to settle in a cavernous bedroom with gigantic windows all around. Nearby was a huge bed so I closed my eyes and, with all the focused intent one could muster, determined to open them to a voluptuous surprise.

Now looking, I was a little stunned to see my naked wife lying there with an inviting smile. I considered another blink, but the idea of producing some bare rendition of my mother-in-law quickly dissuaded me.

I hopped on the bed and grabbed my wife in a romantic embrace. Looking over her shoulder and out a nearby window, I could see two guys and a woman standing on a balcony across the way. They were smiling and raising their glasses in apparent anticipation and appreciation of the forthcoming performance. Fortunately, this was enough to jar me back into waking reality.