RickM – A Test of Faith in Lucid Dreaming

In the dream, I was walking through a parking lot on a bright, sunny day and saw a large gathering of people. Moving closer, I spotted an old business associate giving them a presentation. He was smiling as he talked, looking very confident, and his audience seemed engaged.

It suddenly occurred to me: this must be a dream, since I have been retired for a while. To confirm my lucidity, I made an attempt to fly by taking a short leap; however, this was unsuccessful and I ended seated on the ground. Now questioning myself, I noticed the asphalt my hand was resting on had no warmth. Moving the cheek of my face toward the pavement to get a better measurement, it penetrated the ground, so I decided to move entirely through to get a closer look.

Once across, I was in complete darkness and felt myself descending at a good rate. It appeared very clear the destination was hell. Typically excited about traveling to new dimensions while lucid, I had mixed feelings about what I might encounter. Asking myself, “Do I really want a meeting with the devil or a tour of his estate?” it struck me that what I was doing was greatly displeasing to God. Looking up from the darkness I prayed, “Lord, please return me to the surface and I will never try this again.”

With lightning speed, I shot back only to awaken. Feeling relieved with my choice, I have now decided to leave Dante’s Inferno (Part II) to someone else.