RickM – A Force of Nature in Lucid Dreaming

Although I did not specifically call out a request to a higher self or background awareness, I did wait patiently for this mysterious entity to present the dreamscape scenario. What happened next still fascinates me and has only occurred one other time in a dream. I actually felt the awareness move me into the dream. This invisible force had a jerky, mechanical feel as if on an amusement ride. The dream went as follows:

I suddenly became lucid in a dream where I was floating upright at the end of my bed. The room was somewhat darkened and I could see my wife who appeared to be still sleeping; however, I did not see myself sleeping next to her. I called to her saying, ―Honey look, I‘m floating,‖ as I kicked my legs, ―see, my feet are not touching the floor.‖ I got no response from her, but in the hope that she might hear I stated, ―Now, if I make noise, please don‘t wake me because I want to see where this dream takes me.

At that moment, a force turned me toward the south (lower dimension) and the venue changed to an unfamiliar setting. I was now in the middle of a room looking through an entrance leading to a large room with a dining area at the far end. The entrance had multi-paned glass doors that were opened. In the far corner I could see, sitting in a chair, a translucent, ghostly figure of a man dressed in what appeared to be priestly vestments. I then said to myself, ―Well, this is going to be interesting.

The force then moved me to the room opening, where I got a better look at this gossamer image. He seemed to be looking down, crestfallen and unaware of my presence. The ghost then looked up with a surprised stare. I said to him, ―Come to me!‖ motioning with my hand. He remained still with a look of irritation as I reiterated, ―Come to me!‖ Again, he only continued his angry glare when I finally demanded, ―Either come to me or get ye back to the grave!‖ Again nothing, so I started an ear-piercing growl/yell to force him into some sort of action. Visibly angered, he rose quickly looking ready to lunge in my direction when he suddenly vanished. I followed with, ―Wow, that was a good one (dream)!

Now waking, I heard my wife ask, ―Are you awake yet?‖ My sleep talking woke her at the point where I was repeating, ―Come to me!‖ Normally, my wife would wake me when the yelling started, but she somehow got the message not to, even though she didn‘t remember hearing my earlier request. The dream was both vivid and indelible.