Rick M – Lucid Dream Task in Lucid Dreaming


In August of 2010, I received a lucid dream task via email from an IASD forum user working on his own pet dream project. Lucid dreams are rare for me and this was an attempt to spur some activity; however, months passed without success and I eventually forgot about the task. Over a year had transpired when I came across the original email, and this new exposure must have planted a seed that spawned the following lucid dream episode shortly thereafter:


Driving my convertible, unencumbered, I came upon an interesting two story office building seemingly made entirely of shiny chrome and glass. The building looked dazzling as light appeared to be reflecting from all directions. Stopping the car to take in the view, I asked a distinguished looking pedestrian of African descent where I was. He said, ‘Linwood (sp?).’ I asked where this town was located and he responded with, ‘You won’t find this place on a map.’ I then asked if there was a restroom nearby and he pointed saying, ‘Take a look around that corner.’


Now walking I came to a man in a suit holding a door open. He was looking away from me while talking on his cell phone, and his keys were still in the door he was attempting to enter when receiving his call, or so I presumed. I remember thinking in the dream that this dimension must have some semblance of a business environment. I slipped by and entered a room where two attractive women were talking.


I apologized for interrupting then asked if there was a restroom nearby. One responded with, ‘No, we have no need of restrooms here.’ This response triggered lucidity and the task question immediately came to mind. I then asked if she knew the interface between the body and the soul. She responded with, ‘Yes, I recently learned about this. The theory is based on the movement of a sphere.’ The dream ended here as I woke up still in need of a restroom.