Richie Reeplay – Dee Old School Run in Lucid Dreaming


Went right into the dream from waking after about 5 minutes of mind clearing, then repeating “This is a dream, I am dreaming.” The first few minutes felt sloppy. I was in my old room and Freddy had come and jumped on the bed to snuggle only his presence felt more human than cat.


After a while I knew I was dreaming, so I started trying to fly. Visuals were pretty crap and I wasn’t sure if I would fly. But a thought hit me to be more positive. I flew down the main route I used to take to school, mainly flying the town way with the multi roundabouts.


I flew over a man cycling, who, when I looked back again, was on a skate board. As I flew on he was walking underneath me (or perhaps it was a different man.) I looked away and looked back at him – his hair changed from thinning to bald then back to thinning. I told him but he didn’t seem interested.


I then found myself outside a shop on a balcony. S was there and a few other people. I remember seeing F and I told him that gnostic Christians studied lucid dreaming. He knew and said he thinks he is one.


At some point I saw Lisa from the gym and asked how the swim went (unresolved daily task I was meant to carry out).


I left the dream quite slowly, almost false awakening, but I relaxed into it and accepted it thanking the dream for the experience.


As I woke up a very faint song played. I almost recognised it, and for a moment my rational brain thought that a radio alarm was going off in my old room. The song sounded very cheerful and filled me with an amazing feeling. It sounded like it could have possibly been Bill Withers. The lyrics said something like “now to be calm, the — is done.” Then definitely: “The whole world is yet to come.”