Richard Haigh – My Casimir Dream in Lucid Dreaming


I began this Wake Initiated Lucid Dream around 9 AM and found myself in a hotel lobby, already with a rather decent amount of awareness. I began in front of an Information desk, and routinely rubbed my hands to stabilize the dream, repeating to myself that “This is a dream.”


I then decided to explore what this dream had to teach me, so I asked the receptionist, “So, what do I need to know?” The woman smiled at me and motioned to the entire room. She replied “Well, Dreaming has to do with…” and then she said an odd phrase which was hard to understand with the echoing of the marble walls in this lobby. What it sounded like to me was “the KASHMIR Effect.” I wasn’t sure what the word actually was, but it reminded me of the Led Zeppelin song title, but when I questioned her further, she began to ignore my questions and suggest I go explore on my own.


After a short time of exploration, I woke up and proceeded to quickly write down my dream. The phrase constantly perplexed me and so I decided to get on the internet and search the phrase. Almost immediately, I got the suggestion of “The CASIMIR Effect,” a theory in Quantum Physics predicted by Hendrik Casimir in 1947 and later measured by Steve K. Lamoreaux in 1996. According to this theory, empty space (within a vacuum) is actually filled with electromagnetic waves that are always present as a mysterious, constant energy field.


This is extremely fascinating to me, in that I have NEVER heard of this theory, and yet my awareness behind the dream presented it to me. Was this used simply as an interesting metaphor of how “our thoughts within the dream behave like the mysterious quantum energy of empty space”? Or perhaps it ALSO meant to convey a literal connection between consciousness and the nature of the universe? I have no idea, but I am extremely fascinated by this message and am most definitely curious enough to explore it further.