Rich Bobruk – Many Faces in Lucid Dreaming


I am exploring around a huge tree, possibly a Baobab. I climb onto the trunk and look up, suddenly realizing that it stretches up into the sky when I realise that I am dreaming! (The tree symbolises the World Tree in shamanic circles of which I have studied).


I then come-to (I think) in my bed and do not want to move too much and disturb my wife alongside me, so I look at my hands. They are blurry and so I get up to go look out of the window. I draw open the curtains and survey the scene…a burned out building that I find most strange as I live in the countryside where fields surround my house!


I realise that I must still be dreaming and had a false awakening. My wife is excited by hearing this. I show her that we are dreaming by throwing myself over the stairs and crashing onto the next level (not a great idea but it seemed so at the time, although I did get a little worried before I hit the ground). I land safely and she laughs and jumps over too. We race each other down the many flights of stairs laughing as we go before we roll out into the street. I can’t get hurt physically in dreams and it feels amazing!


I then remember that I wanted to look at my face when dreaming and I ‘fly’ up to the 2nd floor to look into a mirror. I see many faces, strange male faces…lots of hair, young, then some female…every time I rub my face and look again it is a different face! Incredible stuff!


I then look around my environment and there are many familiar faces and people around me; the strange thing is that I know none of these people in waking life yet I did in my sleeping life.


After I awoke I was just in awe of this experience…..just amazing….I don’t know how else to describe it!