Rebecca Turner – January 4 2008 The Mirror Experiment in Lucid Dreaming


In my dream, I am 14 years old again. I am in the school changing rooms, putting on my school uniform. I am very focused on what I am doing, and begin to perceive the material of my shirt, the buttons and the pleats in my skirt very vividly. Then it occurs to me that I no longer go to school and must be dreaming.


I go to the changing room mirror and look at my face. Normally when I look in a dream mirror, my face is distorted or old – rarely my own. But this time I look more or less normal. I had been reading about OBEs recently so my next thought is to try to move out of body.


I decide the mirror will separate my astral body from my physical one. I push my face through the mirror and it feels very strange. Behind the mirror, I get a strong sense of the chalky interior of the wall and the old copper water pipes, although I do not physically see them.


Although my intention was to leave my body, I sense that it hasn’t worked so I continue to experiment with the mirror. I move my head back and forth through the solid mirror to see if anything else happens. It doesn’t, but I am still delighted to be passing my head through physical objects as if they are water. Soon I wake up.  


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