RaShaad Elliott – The Past  in Lucid Dreaming


I usually watch TV before I go to sleep but this time I decided to try and get a good night sleep before school in the morning. I‘m in high school, so when I fell asleep I ended up in my middle school and I was talking to my ex girlfriend that I never talk to anymore. That’s when I knew I was in a dream.


So then I switched it up a little and added my new girlfriend into my dream. But we were still in the middle school for some reason. She took off in the halls and her mom yelled for me at the entrance saying, “She forgot her jacket,” so I told her that I would bring it to her.


As I was walking through the halls I saw all my friends and students that I have never seen before in my life. Then all of a sudden it switched to a completely different dream and I appeared in my old house that I used to live in. The skies were dark and somewhat red and all I could hear was screaming. The dream was somewhat scary, but in the dream I had no fear because when I lucid dream nothing can hurt me.


But my friends and family were all having a bar-b-q in the back yard, sirens were going off and people screaming!? It almost reminded me of the world ending and going into chaos. Then the sirens got louder and there were zombie-looking people that could run so fast and move so quick running after us. All of my family and friends disappeared and I was the only one in the back yard. I tried running but I could not help my self to jump, so I jumped in the air really high and it felt as if I was really that high in the air and my stomach felt like there was that butterfly feeling.


Then I awoke.