Pilar Vallet – Bringing Dream Signs Back To Waking Life in Lucid Dreaming


I’m in a store looking for some clothes. I look at all the clothes that they have on the different shelves. I look at them calmly, quietly, peacefully. I am choosing different pieces, when I find a very nice gray sweater, a skirt, and some lovely stockings. I take my outfit to the counter to pay. At this point I became lucid in the dream, thinking, ‘In waking life I have no time for shopping calmly, or for buying clothes, so this is a dream.’


Feeling very happy, I begin to shout, and to tell the shop girls: ‘This is my dream! This is my dream!’


They look at me indifferently; they seem to be thinking something like: ‘This woman is crazy,’ or ‘This is your dream, so what?’ and afterwards they continue working. All of them are girls about twenty years old, wearing a white blouse with a blue skirt. Their hair is up in a bun. I am alone with them in the store. I am the only customer. Anyway, I keep on screaming: ‘THIS IS MY DREAM! THIS IS MY DREAM!’


They are working, and it seems that I am disturbing them. So, I go to the counter with the beautiful clothes which fit me so well. The stockings are so lovely, too. When I look at them again, they change their patterns and colors. I look again at all my new clothes with affection, thinking ‘Oh! I´d love to bring them with me back to waking life.’


The cashier behind the counter is looking at me. ‘I’d like to have these clothes in my waking life, you know?’ I tell her. She understands me. She is moved. This is a dream, and in waking life I have no time. So, we both begin to speak about what I can do to get it.


I see three sales women near me, so I keep on trying to convince them that this is a dream – MY DREAM – so we have here a great opportunity. They can tell me different things about people that they know, or that they love, and I´ll check this information in waking life, and afterwards, in another dream I can tell them how it is, or what are they doing on the ‘other side.’ They seem to be interested in this idea. I think that my enthusiasm is contagious.


At this point, I have another good idea: I will go outside and see the store’s name, so I´ll look for it in waking life and I´ll buy these fantastic clothes. I do it. But I returned to the store a bit upset, because some letters were upside down and it was impossible to read the name. The cashier behind the counter sees me. She knows that I am upset, so she decides to give me a map of the store, with the name, address, etc.


‘What a great idea, thank you very much,’ I tell her. We both are happy, but when I look at the map, the letters become small and blurry and I’m not able to read it. ‘Failed attempt,’ I think.


I go back again to the sales woman and say, ‘We still have another chance. Just tell me things about people that you know, and I’ll check them out in waking life.’ They seem interested, especially one of them who gives me a list of two or three of her roommates. But she doesn’t tell me what she wants me to look for.


‘I don’t know what to do with these names,’ I tell her. ‘Gary has a hairdresser.’ She replies.


I encourage her to tell me something concrete, but it is impossible. I can make nothing of it. ‘It’s normal, they are dream characters, and this is my dream,’ I think.


But the clothes I chose are so great that I make my last and best decision: I take my clothes – with permission of the cashier – and I put them under the seat of my red car (which was parked in front of the store). ‘Tomorrow morning, when I get the car to take my kids to school, I will find them,’ I think.


I woke up feeling very funny. I told my dream to my kids, and when we opened my car door and looked under my seat, do you know what….?