Phoenix Mendoza – Third Time´s the Charm in Lucid Dreaming


It had been quite a weekend full of partying, drinking, arguments with my partner and, well, more drinking (I´m a junior in college….a struggling Junior in college). My sleep-deprived body ached for some rest and I was not obeying, not on Thursday or Friday nor Saturday, and Sunday was no exception. Finally it was time to crash down and prepare myself for the upcoming work week and of course, for the inevitable hang over I was about to experience. I laid down on my not-so-cozy bed around 3:30 am of the 26th of November, 2012 while outside thick clouds hung over the city (Monterrey, Mexico) and gave no chance for the stars to peek through.


It was cold so I snuggled in between my bed sheets and attempted to fall asleep as fast as possible; after all work was only a couple hours away. It only took a couple of minutes to realize that sleep was not happening, not so fast at least. I was going to have to work for it, as my mind had come to the grand conclusion that this was the best time to analyze every event that had happened this weekend. Every problem, every argument, every conversation….it was going to be a long night. Never did I expect my first lucid dream.


I was not about to fight it, no sir. I have been through that endless cycle of ‘stop thinking so you can fall asleep,’ then the ‘stop thinking about ‘stop thinking’ so you can finally fall asleep!’ It´s not easy to stop your brain from doing what it´s best at – thinking – so I figured some Radiohead might help my brain to doze off and relax my thoughts. By 5:30 am and about two full Radiohead albums later, I began to finally doze off. Little by little I began to get lost inside the darkness within me. You know those first couple of instances when you realize you are about to fall asleep when your body is fully relaxed, loose and ready for some rest. All was going as planned… then it began:


I began to feel it in my extremities first, a feeling best described as a vibrator being put beside your skin that shakes you to your bones. It works its way up your legs, your abdomen, your chest, your arms and then finally it gets to your head and you feel like the Alpha Omega himself is viciously shaking you as if to say: ‘Were you about to fall asleep? Well F%&K YOU! How bout a lil´ shakin of your bones, dogg!? I couldn´t move one muscle on my body, or talk, nothing. The best description I have heard of it from others is that it feels like a lead blanket slowly being placed on top of you. Sleep Paralysis they call it. Here in Mexico they call it ‘Se te subio el muerto’ or ‘The dead climbed on top of you.’ I like to call it the ‘Mighty Shake & Bake.’


This was not the first time I had experienced sleep paralysis as it had happened to me on two other occasions. The first time it was completely horrifying and dreadful since my parents had told me many a times about their experiences with dead people climbing on top of your chest and taking your soul away.


The second time, after doing some research on the subject, it was not unpleasant whatsoever. As a matter of fact, after learning about the possibility of lucid dreams, I decided to test it out but had no luck. The sleep paralysis set in and I relaxed. Finally, after a couple of seconds, it went away…..


You know what they say though: ‘Third Time’s the Charm.’ Well it sure is, ain´t it? Well for me at least. This time my sleep paralysis set in and I simply decided to close my eyes and relax while regulating my breathing and slowing it down. Then:


I was walking down the street that leads to our neighborhood Wal-Mart with my partner and we were talking. Weather was nice and I had no sweater on. We walked into the store and began to fill a shopping cart full of food; a watermelon that was quite heavy, some oatmeal for breakfast – it was just a regular night out on the town. We left with our grocery bags hanging from our hands and as we walked down another street on our way back I began feeling strange. I began to ponder certain things:


Why am I outside? Why am I not wearing a sweater? It was cold wasn´t it? Where am I? Why did I just go into Wal-Mart? What did I buy and why? I couldn´t trace us back to my house. Things began feeling really odd as if nothing made sense. By this time I had stopped walking and my partner continued walking. I yelled, ‘Wait a minute.’ He continued walking as if he hadn´t heard me. So I screamed out a little louder this time, ‘Wait!’ and he turned around.


‘All of this is a dream, isn´t it?’ I asked him, although I already knew, so I did not wait for an answer. ‘This is all a dream! All of this around is not real! I was sleeping!’ No answer came. He just looked confused and dumbfounded. A second later I was back in my room. I got up from my bed and opened my door. My landlord was outside and he waved at me and said, ‘What’s up?’ I said it back and gave it no importance but when I looked back inside my room I could see someone on my bed. I dared not to uncover him because I was frightened at what I might see (myself). I was still dreaming and this time I was inside my room.


Everything was identical even to the last little details. But I needed confirmation that this was in fact a lucid dream….that´s when I decided to try and jump off my balcony. I thought about it for a couple of seconds mainly because if it wasn´t a dream, I was about to jump twenty feet onto the cold concrete and probably get some serious injuries, not to mention the fact that people would wonder what drugs I was on. But I jumped and I could fly – well, float – I guess that´s the best way of putting it. I was fully capable of floating like a dead leave falling from a branch, carried by the wind and landing ever so softly on the grass below. Best of all I could feel it in my stomach. This was indeed a dream.


I went hog wild: I began climbing on walls, trying to fly as best I could, jumping from one roof to another, trying to do Goku´s Kame Hame Ha unsuccessfully. Colors and lights were all around me; UFO´s and strange creatures, and also familiar faces and places, but not quite as vivid as when I first realized this was a dream.


I woke up around 8:30 am and although I had slept only a couple of hours I felt full of energy and full of amazement at the human mind. I had experienced a lucid dream and I had controlled it to some extent. No words can describe it as it deserves. All I can say is that it was out of this world and I hope every human being gets to experience such a dream at least once in their lives. I have a new-found respect for the human mind and ever since I have been doing research on how to achieve a much greater control over dreams so I can push it to the limit and that´s how I discovered this website (LDE: leave you with this last statement:


The human mind, much like the Sun that grants us life, is completely underestimated and our knowledge is but a small percentage of its potentials. So let us explore and let us learn and most importantly let us dream of what great power we hold within.