Payne – The Underground Cave  in Lucid Dreaming


There was a large, balding man trying to break into my house. I pulled out a handgun and yelled at the burglar to leave, but he was insistent, continuing to rattle on the doors and attempting to climb through windows, despite my angry threats. I pulled the trigger, shooting him in the arm. As the burglar held his arm in pain, I ran upstairs and called the police. Two cops arrived on the scene, and I watched from a second floor window as they bumbled their way through the arrest, dropping the handcuffs, forgetting what to say, and letting the balding man repeatedly escape from their grasp. Watching this happen, I thought, “There is no way that real cops could possibly be this bad.” The fact that this was a dream clicked.


In waking life, I’d recently been doing a lot of meditating, energy work, and setting lucid dream objectives. Whenever a dream became lucid, I’d fallen into the habit of either flying, or immediately having sex with the next girl I saw in the dream (two things I can hardly complain about, but I wanted to expand my lucid experiences). I was reading a book by Robert Bruce and Brian Mercer about out-of-body experiences, and the authors often reference the ‘astral plane’ or ‘astral realms’. I wasn’t sure I even believed that such a dimension existed, but the idea intrigued me, and I decided that visiting the astral realm was to be my new lucid dream objective.


Right after becoming lucid, I jumped out of the top floor window and toward the driveway of the house. Jumping off of tall buildings is another dream habit I’ve gotten into, knowing that as long as I’m really dreaming, I can’t be hurt by the fall. This time, however, I was hoping to somehow catapult myself into this mysterious astral plane that I’d read about. Instead of landing on the driveway, I slid right through the cement, where a breathtaking scene materialized below.


Rather than dissipate into astral space, I ended up in a moonlit underground cave, complete with a shimmering lake, surrounded by cliffs and arches formed by grainy black rocks. Despite being a layer below the earth, a full moon sent a golden glow through the cavernous lake. I began to swim, easily gliding through the water. I swam to the middle and approached a large flat rock sticking up at the center, a miniature island.


Pulling myself out of the water and onto the rock, I found myself surrounded by 4 to 6 gorgeous real life versions of Disney princesses, all completely nude and carelessly lounging in the moonlight. I undressed as well, and the demi-goddesses advanced on me, taking turns pleasuring me on the rock, including a vivid encounter with a Mulan lookalike. However, regaining my wits, I reminded myself that this wasn’t the goal of the lucid dream. Like Odysseus and the sirens, it was as if these women were specifically placed before me to try and prevent me from reaching the true destination. As much as I wanted to stay on that rock forever, I pulled myself away from them and escaped.


Running off the rock, my feet became webbed and allowed me to sprint along the top of the water, as I’ve seen basilisk lizards do on National Geographic. I returned back to shore and climbed to the top of one of the black cliffs to jump again. Undeterred by my first attempt, I still had the idea that this was the way to access the astral plane. I figured, that’s how I reached this cave to begin with, maybe I was just one more jump away. Over and over again, I leaped from the cliff, down 50 feet or so, splashing back into the lake each time. I tried going head first, flipping, swan diving, and falling off backwards, but no matter the technique, I only landed in the water and had to climb back up to try again.


After too many failed attempts, I eventually concluded that this must not be the entryway into some elusive astral space. Admitting defeat, if only until next time, I ended the lucid dream.