Paul Sauers – The Alien Encounter Dream in Lucid Dreaming

I’m having a dream and remember a dream sign. I then look at my hands and say, “Lucidity now!” The next thing I know I’m seeing a spectacular stormy sky with vivid colors and swirling clouds. I think I’m seeing space craft blinking on an off and appear to be blinking in and out. They look like small swirling clouds the size of Frisbees. There is lightening and I see one large triangular craft (the mother ship?) that is the size of two football fields and covered with hundreds of mauve-colored lights.

I’m in a gravity chair and for some reason my former partner is standing there. He then looks up and I ask him if he sees what I’m seeing. He appears frightened. There are then ‘things’ dropping to earth that appear as long strands of wet paper towel about one foot in length and are ‘plopping’ all around me. I’m hearing ‘plop, plop, plop’ and something is falling to the ground.

I then look down near my right foot and see a cloud-like entity that looks like ‘Willie the worm’ and is looking from side to side quickly. Sort of humorous. There is then another cloud-like entity that looks like a pair of glasses with heart shaped lenses. I say to it telepathically, “I love you.” There is a sense of a ‘Presence’ there while all of this is going on.

The next thing I recall is that the ‘glasses entity’ jumps onto my glasses and is like ‘clear foaming bubbles’ covering my glasses. I think ‘I hope I can see after this’. It all happens very quickly and I open my eyes and see a peaceful brilliant starry sky.

I ‘click out’ and open my eyes and there are two paramedics there who say they’re taking me to the hospital. I ask, “How long was I out?” And they tell me 2 or 3 hours. I think I’m going to resist going to the hospital but then I let them take me.

While driving to the hospital there are mobs of people wandering around and we have to steer the ambulance through a line of people. They look disheveled and confused. When we get to the hospital I’m apparently OK and start wandering around.

I see an orthopedic surgeon there I know and say, “Boy, I bet you’re busy.” He looks at me and rolls his eyes like, “Yeah, tell me about it.” We have a discussion about the ‘invasion’ but there are ‘no details.’ (I mentally assume the TV is out).

My deceased Aunt comes to pick me up at the hospital. My grandfather is in the back seat smiling. There are mobs of people on the streets and I’m thinking, “Why in the hell don’t they just stay home?” While driving home in the confusion we hit a tree which falls on the car and have a flat tire.

I then wake up and have the feeling, “WOW, that was spectacular!” I feel good that we made ‘contact’ but confused as to the way things unfolded. Why did the ET’s present themselves in such an aggressive manner? Where was I for 2 or 3 hours when I ‘clicked out?’ Why did the people react this way?

Or was it a dream on some other planet at some other time? Yet all things are happening ‘now’ in the present moment. I think to myself “Boy, this would make a great Sci-Fi movie.” On reflection I think it did occur on some alien planet.

It’s four AM and I decide to go back to bed to re-enter the dream. I did dream but have no recollection of what I dreamed in the next two hours.