Paul J. Smith – A Nightmare on Anderson St. in Lucid Dreaming


I used to live on Anderson St. in San Francisco, CA. I shared a three bedroom house with two friends, and that is where I had my first controlled lucid dream. The house had two bedrooms on the top floor and one on the main floor (which I occupied). The bathroom was on the top floor also, which was less than ideal at times, especially in the middle of the night. To wake up and climb stairs to use the restroom was a major inconvenience; the stairs were steep and not well lit, and required that you keep your wits about you, if you want to stay injury-free.


I had had lucid dreams before, but most would end before they got started because I would wake up when I realized I was dreaming. One night as I slept, I did not know that I was in a dream, and thought that I had woken up needing to use the restroom. So I rose from my bed and started towards the stairs, but the light switch in my room didn’t work, nor did the hall light work. The house was fairly old and we were used to things not working all the time.


So I continued onto the stairs, and as I started up, I heard a noise in the darkness that sent the hair on my neck standing up. I quickened my pace up, until I reached the first landing, which was under a skylight and a faint trickle of light illuminated the stairs in a slightly hazy glow. I heard another noise coming up the stairs and as I struggled to see what was on the stairs with me, a horrifying figure stepped into the soft glow towards me. I recognized the figure, it was Freddy Krueger, The blade-fingered maniac killer, who invaded people’s dreams while they slept, and murdered them. (He is the main character/villain in the horror film series: A Nightmare on Elm Street.) He was coming after me and there was nowhere to run.


That was what clued me in that I was dreaming; he is a fictional character and therefore he could not be here unless it was a dream! It was now a lucid dream, and since adrenalin had already flooded my system, I could stay in the dream and not wake out of excitement.


Freddy was coming, but he wouldn’t get me, because I was ready to take my lucid dream out for a test drive. I looked up at the sky-light and launched right through the roof of the house and up, and up and stopped just long enough to decide which way I wanted to fly off to. I chose the beach as my first destination and headed off towards the west, marveling at my ability to fly, and how detailed everything was, the streets, the buildings, parks and the beach.


The rooftops were very detailed, even though I had never been on any of the roof-tops I was seeing, and I felt like what I was seeing, was my reality. I flew and flew – it is my favorite thing to do when lucid dreaming. I only have two or three lucid dreams each year, but each time I do, it is the greatest feeling – you feel almost god-like when you can make your dreams tailor-made!