Otters – Otter Passenger and the Terrible Pennywise  in Lucid Dreaming


It is getting close to dusk. I am trying to find my friends among a crowd, and am having no success, but it isn‘t so bad yet. I was in a familiar place, and was sure I would catch up with them shortly.


The scene takes place in what was formerly a very popular spot in my hometown, but has since become a lot of boring offices. My dream takes me back to when it was still a cool place to go, but in my dream it was still quite different. It had an additional second-hand store (which is a favorite shopping experience for me), and there was a movie theater in different place than where it was in waking life.


I have moved from one extreme end of the mall to the other, where is the second-hand store. I meant to merely pass through it (front to the back) to where there is an egress to the mail portion of the mall in the back, but I stop to admire a wonderful array of plastic toys. I think I want to buy them, as they look so unique.


I remember some deer and a Chinese dragon with all the paint worn off, but the attention to detail was so exquisite that it didn‘t matter. I reach to pick it up to see what the price was, but someone walks behind me, and disturbs me. The aisles here are ridiculously narrow, and because of this I stop and remember that I wasn‘t here to shop, and need to get going.


(I forgot to mention that on the way there, midways where the mall‘s main entrance was, I stopped to pick something up off the ground. The object kept changing, but at last stabilized as a pair of glasses, which I identify as mine. I wonder, how had I not noticed they were missing? I have to adjust them somewhat and the parts that go over the ears are somehow adjustable.)


At that point, out of the corner of my eye I notice a large slightly chubby man approach. I can tell he’s trying to be sneaky, but I ignore him. I can also tell he‘s wearing a costume that is supposed to be Pennywise the Clown from Stephen King’s novel It, but the resemblance is poor.


While I am still kneeling on the ground, I can see that he‘s standing there, presumably waiting for me to notice him standing there, in order to cause me a fright. I am not threatened by him, and I am sort of annoyed by his presumptuousness that I even would be frightened. He must think I am some delicate child or something. I put my glasses on my face and stand up. I give the lousy Pennywise man a slight glance and then keep walking. I hope that he felt embarrassed for totally failing at scaring me.


Now I am in the main part of the mall heading back from where I came, but through the inside of the mall this time.


I still have not found my friends, but as I am approaching the center I can see the Pennywise man ahead of me. He hasn‘t seen me coming yet, and I almost feel sorry for him, as the mall is sparsely attended and he‘s got almost no one to try to frighten today. The more I think about it though, the less sorry I feel, and then I just feel contempt for him. What sort of shitbag shows up at the mall specifically to frighten other people or to make them feel uncomfortable?


I come to the center of the mall, where the fountain has been closed, and boarded up (I can‘t recall if there had ever been a fountain there in real life). The movie theater is to the right of the fountain, and there are benches arranged around it.


That‘s where Pennywise is standing with his back to me. I suppose he finally hears my footfalls, but it‘s too late for him to attempt to surprise me. I suppose he‘s feeling embarrassed and he turns and waves at me. I don’t even nod, and make a sharp turn to the left, heading to the main entrance to go out.


So, I am back outside the mall, right where I had been when I had found my glasses somehow on the ground.


Some things happen here that I can‘t recall, but it’s getting dark now, and I am becoming frustrated that I can‘t find my friends. I wonder if I had stupidly missed something, and maybe they told me they were leaving, with the understanding that I would find my own way home. I think about calling them on my cell phone to find out where they are, but something stops me from actually doing that.


I walk around the mostly empty parking lot thinking to myself. I finally wonder to myself if I am dreaming. The environment seems very stable, but something still feels off about all of this, and in an attempt to test the reality I try to float. I think I succeed, but I‘m still not positive. Then, I am sure I am definitely floating. Just barely, but enough to convince me that I am dreaming.


I am excited and wonder what I should do with it (with the lucidity). I think I can hear sounds that are actually occurring in the waking world. I try to ignore them.


I try to force the scene to change, and thankfully the drab gray mall parking lot vanishes and up ahead of me on a grassy hill, there is a trolley stopped at a station. I hurry to catch it and stop right outside it where there is a sign.


It says something about otters, but I forget exactly what that was now. I get on the trolley where there is just one other person, a mousy looking woman who is stares at me when I enter. I sit on one of the benches on the same side that I get in on. I am excited to see where it takes me.


While I am sitting, remembering what the sign said, I will myself to turn into an otter. The signs said I had to do this (though I still can‘t quite recall the exact instructions).


My clothes just sort of disappear and my body elongates. I have to curl my spine into the shape of the roof of the trolley as I have gotten so large. I am delighted at the glossy reddish brown fur that is sprouting all over me. My hands become webbed and also get a coat of glossy fur.


Fully transformed, I must have been around eight feet tall. The mousy woman seems pretty frightened, but that can‘t be helped. I am anxious to try out my rudder tail in some river. The trolley stops and I get off. We have stopped on a bridge.


I assume the bridge must be over some water, and I anxiously run down to see it. The stream is very narrow though, and very brown with the sheen of oil on top of it. I am very disappointed, and think to myself that there is no way I am going to try swimming in that water. It looked disgusting.


Sadly, it is about here that I wake up.