Otters – I Swear Off Mirrors in Lucid Dreaming

This was a really rare kind of dream where I actually look at myself in a mirror.

I can’t remember how it all started, but there is a part where I am walking through a hallway in a semi-dark house, or some indoor area at least. For whatever reason I am Jake the Dog from the cartoon Adventure Time, but I don’t realize that I am not supposed to be. I do, however, Feel that something about “all of this” seems weird.

I leave the hallway and enter a room which I recognize as being at the end of this house, or whatever it is, and I walk past a sink and a mirror, and then stop, and think to myself, ‘Hey, I should check myself out in the mirror.’ I think I was pre-lucid at this point. I go back to the mirror and look into it.

It’s still kind of on the dark side. I am seeing the face of Jake the Dog but at the same time, superimposed upon that image, was something else—but it wasn’t recognizable. Sure, it has eyes and a forehead, but the eyes were too far apart and the mouth was too wide. It’s something nightmarish, a monster. I only stare at the reflection for a couple of seconds before I back away and swear off mirrors.