Olli Erjanti – Mirror Experiment in Lucid Dreaming

In the evening I decided that I want to experiment with how mirrors work in a lucid dream:

I was in my grandmother’s home. I was walking a hallway corridor that was a bit darkly lit. This place was, at the time, a quite regular dream sign to me so I became lucid and remembered my goal.

I thought, ‘Where can I find a mirror?’ and realized that in a bathroom there is one. I walked into the bathroom and in front of the mirror, not knowing what to expect. The bathroom was very dark but I could see the mirror and some reflection of me in it. I could not see any surroundings, though; just a dark background.

My own reflection was not exact but a bit smoky and it was undulating. I could see clearly about half of my face and the rest was like it was behind moving mist. Staring at the reflection I started to rise, to float in the middle of the room. Gradually the dream faded and I woke up thinking, ‘Wow, this was interesting!’