Olga – The Universe is Infinite in Lucid Dreaming


I was getting ready to sleep (face down) when all of the sudden I knew I was in a lucid dream. I felt someone reach for me and lift me towards the ceiling, and I said through telepathic communication, “We are leaving, but please keep me face down until we are out in space.’


I saw the building I live in, then floated towards the clouds. Then I turned around and could see a part of a very big wing at the edge of my left eye and somehow I knew it was an angel. We flew at incredible speed. I could see galaxies moving as spots.


Toward the end of my dream I saw three ethereal see-through old men; one of them held up his left hand, in which was a whole spiral galaxy, like the Milky Way about the size of a baseball. Somehow I knew they were making decisions about their destiny. The angel said they were Gods and above them there were other gods – the universe is infinite ‘don´t worry.’


Then I woke up and felt like I had really been out in space. My heart felt full.