Norman Clark – Wake Up! in Lucid Dreaming

Wake up Gabrielle… No. 1


I find myself on a road in a snowy Alpine landscape. My wife is next to me and we are surrounded by small furry and very cute animals…. cats, rabbits, ferrets, mink etc., and a very notable white snow goose. They are all talking to us and giving advice concerning what we should do next in life. Next, we are both standing on a snowy hillside and seem to be equipped with ski boots and poles but no skis.


I remember that I have skied with just ski boots before in a dream, which leads me to realise that I‘m dreaming. I set off down the slope showing Gabrielle how to ski with just her boots and, just then, remember my intent. I‘d been incubating a dream where I would meet my wife in the dream dimension and wake her up to the fact that we were dreaming. We‘re building up speed and I‘m tapping her saying, “Come on Gabs, wake up, we‘re dreaming”.


I grab her leg in the hope that it will help but I‘m worried it will wake her up in bed. Finally, I decide the only thing for it is to pick her up and fly. We take off but she is absolutely terrified. Ahead, the sun breaks through a grey cloudy sky and I head for the sun thinking it will be less scary for her… The dream fades and I wake up….


Wake up Gabrielle… No. 2


Keeping perfectly still in bed, I sink back directly into another lucid dream. We are both walking around a beautiful medieval city in Europe somewhere. We arrive at a square where preparations are in progress for an event of some kind. A stage of sorts is being erected for perhaps a festival or music. There‘s a wonderful sense of expectation and excitement in the air.


Remembering my intent again, I turn to ask her to ‘wake up‘ but she seems to know what I am going to do and runs away into the crowd saying, “No, I don‘t want to wake up”. This time, I decide to float gently after her and find her in the entrance to a room at the corner of the square. By this time, I am hyper lucid and totally concentrated on her. She tries to hide by changing into a 16 year old version of herself as a teenager. I easily recognise her and tell her that she is beautiful and that it‘s OK to be awake in a dream. We set off across the square again and I begin to lose lucidity. I desperately try looking closely at building details, etc., but the dream fades and I awake in bed extremely frustrated…