Norman Clark – There’s Something I Need to Learn in Lucid Dreaming

I‘m sitting in a well lit airport departure lounge… this is a huge dream sign for me so I instantly know I‘m dreaming and levitate a little to confirm it. I look around and there‘s quite a crowd gathering. There is nobody I know or recognise in the crowd. I‘m hyper lucid at this stage. The crowd seem very friendly and fascinated by me, as though they really want to make contact.

Looking closely, I see that many of them are slightly malformed and feel a huge wave of compassion for them. I sit down as they gather around me and decide to ask them individually what they represent. Their replies leave me generally underwhelmed so I decide to show off the fact that I can fly (for example, one character told me he represented the ‘spirit of perennial plants‘). I head off, superman style, in the direction of a large window. As I approach, I recall that while I have flown through most things in my dreams, I‘ve never tackled a window! Of course, I get stuck half way through and have quite a struggle ‘intending‘ my way out of the ‘sticky toffee‘ glass.

Suddenly, I‘m outside standing on the tarmac and I remembered the dream task I was currently incubating. ‘Show me something new I need to learn at the moment’, I asked the Dream Master. Immediately, a map of what seems like Australia appears in the sky and I say ‘fine’, let’s go there. I set off superman style quickly gaining altitude. Just in front of me, a black dot appears in the sky and it‘s growing quickly.

Looking closely, I can that it‘s a moving spiral (counter clockwise) of sparkling gold and silver forms… (almost like Christmas decorations). The volume of the spiral builds rapidly and I find myself being sucked into the epicentre – hands first! I feel a very pleasant electrical impulse move through my body in bed and the moment I‘m fully engulfed, I wake up. I still have the wonderful feeling of the spiral turning in my forehead. Eventually, I fall asleep again and wake up in the morning with the continuing sense of the spiral. I spent the day that followed totally spaced out and completely taken by the ‘energy‘ of the spiral. The feeling slowly diminished over the course of a week.

While I‘ve never really understood the ‘new thing I had to learn‘ from this, I knew intuitively that I‘d experienced a very real healing at a deep nonphysical level. I‘ve still got my gammy knees but, somehow, I‘ve been an all together different person since this dream. Not a day passes when I don‘t feel an enormous sense of gratitude.