Nicky Alice – Veda in Lucid Dreaming


I was in the garage of my parents‘ house where I grew up when I noticed a man walking up the street towards me, and I felt compelled to approach him. When the sunlight hit me as I walked down the driveway, I became more lucid than I ever have before.


I approached this man who seems very familiar but I don’t recognize. We stood very close and I said to him, “I am dreaming.” He reached out to embrace me and said, “You‘re not the only one.” As he said that, he opened a third eye right in the middle of his two. Not on his forehead, but in between his other eyes. I felt he was a guide and my angel. (All of my angels have a third eye when they make themselves present.)


We then shared a very warm and lucid embrace. I never once took my eyes off of his. He then started floating upwards towards the sky and morphing slowly into a creature. He now had the body of a horse, the upper torso of a man, and two giant angel wings as he ascended. We never lost eye contact. I woke up with an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment and confidence. I made a piece of art capturing the dream, now owned by a famous rock band. The documentary of the art can be seen on YouTube, Nicky Alice, Veda.