Nicky Alice – Achieving the Blue Stone in Lucid Dreaming


I am walking down the street of what looks like a calm suburban neighborhood when I realize I am dreaming. I think to myself in a calm lucid state, rather than do something entertaining or adventurous, or fulfill any desires. I  let my subconscious lead the way.


I then begin to float down the street toward a small light blue house, the whole of the house was Chakra blue. Relieving myself of all conscious will, I floated in through the front window, which was closed. I then proceeded to go on a little tour of the house floating from room to room in a circular fashion. I noticed the inside of the house was blue as well, all the trim and the furniture, although all the rooms were empty of any interesting object and they were unoccupied.


My curiosity was at its peak as I approached the last room in the house, it was in the center of the house and the only room which had the door closed. I sensed something inside and the door opened to have an arm reach out to offer me a brilliant blue crystal. I accepted the gift and woke up with an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment. I feel I achieved this item in my dreams.


This dream leads me to develop series of dream incubation experiments using subconscious will in my dream circle. Very interesting findings!