N. Rae – Show Me Something Amazing in Lucid Dreaming

I was floating down from the sky to a beach, holding a beige piece of fabric as a parachute. Below me were huge reddish rocks covered in moss and barnacles. I was coming close to a very tall rock with a rounded top. As I stuck my bare foot out to land, there was a certain unusual quality to the world; it was almost too vivid, and the angle was a little warped. I realized I was dreaming.

I remained calm. I said, “This is a dream.” I landed on the rock and looked closely at it. I took pleasure in feeling its rough surface with my hand. I tried to pry a barnacle off with my fingers, but it wouldn’t budge. I dropped to the sand and walked through the area with the rocks up high above me. I heard noises. Animal noises. Huffing and growling. There were caves high above me. I got nervous and hurried out of the area. As I was leaving I saw to my right a large rock that had been carved into an animal face. An ape.

I walked out of the sand and onto a college campus, across the quad and into the library. I was just having fun looking around me and at all the people, at the shelves of books, the dark green industrial carpet. There were large windows and the sunlight filled the rooms. Everything seemed warm. People were sitting at the tables, studying. It was all very bright and cheery. The library was incredibly crowded. I was in a smash of people. I followed a group into an elevator which smelled like feet and garbage. I thought about how this elevator always smells terrible and how we need to do something about it. I walked out the front doors.

I remembered that I should speak to a dream character. I saw a young woman. She had pale skin and freckles and long strawberry-blonde hair pulled back into a pony tail. I was super happy and much too excited. I walked up to her and said, “Hi.” She backed away and went to walk around me. I got in front of her and asked, “How are you?” She stepped back. I held out my arms. “Do you want to dance?” She shook her head. I backed away from her, shrugging, saying, “You just look like someone who knows how to dance.” She lifted her arms, stepped her foot out and spun many times. She lifted a leg, leaned back, then forward, ran and leapt into the air. I said, “See! I was right!”

I got a little too excited and flustered. I felt like time was running out. I remembered to ask the dream to show me something amazing. I opened my mouth but there was resistance. I had to force the words out. It was a struggle and very garbled. But I did ask the dream to show me something amazing. A force took hold of me from behind, lifted me up, and folded my legs into my chest, making me into a ball and hurled me into the air.

I saw a wire fence coming and I worried, but I passed right through it and up into the pristine blue sky. The feeling of exhilaration was almost too much, and I kept going faster and my chest had so much pressure inside and also being pressed upon it. It was fantastic. The next moment I hit my bed and was bounced out of it. I landed on my feet. I was no longer fully lucid. I thought I was awake in the material world and was thinking about the lucid dream I just had.

I was standing in a dark attic with wood fir floors, wearing a long cottonnightgown. It was a large room with many beds placed around the floor. It was early morning and a blue-white light filled the room. There were other people fast asleep in their beds. One of my kids was crying and shuffling across the room, head down, hair covering her face. She seemed to be an amalgam of both my kids at a younger age. She also had on a long cotton nightgown. My husband walked across the attic, put his arm around our daughter and guided her to me. He said she had had a nightmare and needed me. I made room for her in my bed and cuddled up next to her. Then I woke up in my bed, in my room. It was morning, and I was very delighted.