MysticMelody Lucid Dreamer – My Shape-shifting in Lucid Dreaming


I am witnessing my Self witnessing my Self poised atop a high peak (peak experience?) when I have a sudden impulse to shape-shift by unfurling immensely large dark and shadowy wings (condor-like) and a visceral/organic sensation of immense expansion of form.


A sensation of lifting off the ground of the high peak mountaintop and being swept into a swirling spiral vortex of energy above a swirling vortex of oceanic swirling mass into which “I” (the lucid dreamer) fearlessly plunge into an accelerating descent while shape-shifting into a great sea creature in an ocean of energy that does not “feel” wet nor cold, but is all surrounding and is symbiotically all I am.


Effortlessly, “I” (witnessing “I”/ myself the lucid dreamer) begin shape-shifting into a diversity of natural forms, shapes, colors, sizes, creatures, animals and entities. This is easy, effortless and ecstatically Fun! It is total Freedom from any and all fear, anxiety, stress, mentalizing, analyzing and all the attributes of the familiar egoic Mind.


It is going “out of Mind” . . . beyond thought and simply being the experiencer and the witness of the experience in a dimension in which anything and everything is possible to effortlessly and instantaneously simply BE, or merge with and into. This is a frequently re-occurring lucid dream and one of my favorites that is now easily recallable and consciously reactivated in both my waking Day and sleeping Night states.