Morth – The Woman in the Mirror in Lucid Dreaming

In the middle of a pretty long dream, I found myself sitting in a theatre where a movie about climate change was about to play. But instead of a screen or projection appearing when the curtains were pulled back, there was no wall there and natural disasters were taking place right outside. A tornado went by and a small town was flooded. A few cartoony pirate ships with big cannons were floating among the waves. I only felt a small breeze and cold humidity from it, while the chaotic scene was playing out just two or three seats away. I realised that it didn’t make much sense and became lucid.

I stayed in my seat for a moment to see what was going on but then stood up. As I did, my surroundings became dark and quiet. Now, I was in a dimly lit hallway and saw a young girl leaning against a wall. An old man approached her and I recognized his voice from TV. I followed them and we slowly walked towards a door. The man told me that the girl was homeless and that the woman who lived here, who was apparently my cousin, had promised to take care of her. He knocked on the door. A blonde, middle aged woman quickly opened and rushed us all in while she nervously looked around as if she was scared someone would see us. She then told the little girl that she had to put on a robot costume, so that the neighbours would think she had gotten a robot instead of taking in a homeless child. Then they all walked up a stairway and I was left alone to look at my surroundings.

It was a beautiful room, with just enough decorations to feel homely without being cluttered. I noticed a rectangular mirror hanging just above a short, old fashioned drawer. I hesitated a little, unsure whether it was a good idea to take a look but did it anyway. I had to lean down to see anything though, as it was hanging pretty low.

The woman in the mirror was beautiful and young, with round cheeks and light make up. She/I had a wide hat with a soft, light blue strap hanging down under my throat, as well as a matching blue, checkered dress. She looked like she was taken straight from a classical painting, though I couldn’t tell which one. There was also a resemblance to the older woman, so it wouldn’t be difficult to think that they were, in fact, cousins.

I paid extra attention to how thin my mirror self was, because that’s not something I am in waking life. I couldn’t see much skin from that angle though, only a little bit of my left shoulder. I pulled down the fabric a bit and revealed a red scar underneath. Out of curiosity, I touched it and immediately felt a sharp pain shooting through my body. For a moment my vision went blurry and I felt the dream fading from there.

I figured that if I just focus on the pain, I should be able to remain since the pain came from the dream. Doing that, I managed to hold on a little longer, just enough to see the same face in the mirror again, and the little girl from earlier standing behind me.