Mitchell Tutins – The Birth of Myself in Lucid Dreaming


I find myself in a giant room of bounty hunters. Upon seeing my brother in the midst of the bounty hunters, lucidity hits me. I try to grasp the feeling of lucidity by rubbing my hands together and telling my brother that I am in a dream, which he doesn‘t believe. To prove my point, I pull a gun from my pocket and shoot up, causing an uproar among the community of bounty hunters.


I begin to think about escaping when I see myself from the future manifest into my present reality. I follow my future self and he explains how to travel through time in my dreams. I throw a potion on the ground that allows me to transport myself to different times and alternate realities in my dreams. After leaving my future self, I go back in time to when I was in the room with the bounty hunters to tell my past self how to travel through time.


After becoming the future self that I encountered earlier in the dream, I go back through time into another dimension where I can see my being coming into existence through the act of my soul entering my worldly body. I witnessed the birth of myself in an alternate dimension.