Mike S – Cave Scenes in Lucid Dreaming

In my dream I became aware that I was in a cave with a woman standing next to me. I felt myself to be about 23, and she seemed to be a couple of years older and felt more experienced with the cave. It was my third time there but it was the first time I had any awareness of what was inside.

There were three areas of the side of the cave wall that were carved out roughly in a spherical shape, each about five feet in diameter, and in each of them there was a focus of energy in a large sphere that contained scenes and characters. They were like three dimensional movies.

I wondered what I was seeing in them, and it came to my thoughts, from the woman standing next to me, that the left one showed scenes from my past, both in this incarnation and in applicable previous ones, that had caused me to make the challenges in this life necessary. The middle one showed my present life situation and my concerns and desires. And the right one showed all of my possible futures, which I could work towards based upon my choices, actions and desires in my life now.

I had the feeling that I could gain all of the insight I needed to come to a full understanding of anything I saw by merging my awareness with the scene I was curious about, that it would somehow be like I was a participant in the scene so I could feel it and understand it.

I became lucid when I saw what I just described, and got so excited I woke up! I’ve seen that cave a few times before, and even entered it, but never saw another person or anything other than a natural cave might appear. I will try to go back to this cave and continue on from where this dream stopped, it was the most fascinating dream I’ve ever had.