Mike Porter – Meeting An Ascended Master in Lucid Dreaming

It‘s night. My wife is driving us downtown in our car. Up ahead, we see a police officer standing in the middle of the road holding up a large sign. He‘s warning us of a manhunt for a killer and we should be careful. We drive on and turn up an alley. I look at a parking lot on my right and see the killer standing there holding a shotgun. I suddenly realize the cops would not allow us to pass if there was a real manhunt. This must be a dream! I am now lucid.

I notice it‘s now daylight, but foggy. I ask my wife to park at the bottom of a hill in front of us. While exiting the car, I notice many people walking toward a long stairway leading up the hill. Knowing that ascending tends to symbolize higher thought, I join them.

I soon realize I‘m climbing a very high wooden staircase inside an all wood building. Alone at the top, I see ahead a small platform. There sits a man cross legged in golden robes and turban. He looks to be Indian, in his 40‘s with a thick, black, bushy beard. He smiles and seems to be quite coherent, unlike a typical dream character. I recognize him as a wise teacher, an ascended master.

I am instantly in awe and sit on the platform next to him. I ask his name, but don‘t quite remember what he says, possibly ―Nanak‖. I then ask if he‘s the one they have been hunting and he affirms with a big grin. He is quite jovial and I believe he may be more lucid than me!

I ask him if there‘s anything I need to know for waking reality. He goes on to tell me ―X = 5 Ohms‖ and that I must grow towards God one step at a time. I know he means I need to be patient. I ask about the Ohms. Does he mean electrical or in meditation? He just chuckles and we end up laughing together.

For some reason, I keep calling him ―Maharaji‖ but don‘t know why. I can‘t help myself. I ask him about reincarnation, but he just smiles and fades away. I‘m suddenly overcome with mourning and cry uncontrollably. All I want is to be with him. My wife arrives and tells me it‘s time to go, reaching out her hand. I refuse, wanting to stay with Maharaji. She insists. I give in and take her hand (It feels so realistic, just like waking reality!). We descend back down to the ground. I recite the entire conversation to her, so I can make sure I remember it when I wake up. I can‘t contain my excitement.

Upon waking, I decided to Google the name Nanak. What I found was Guru Nanak, the founder of the Sikh religion. The images online match exactly the man I met except with a white beard. At the time, I knew nothing of the Sikh religion.