Mike Porter – Lucid Mirror Observation at the Reunion in Lucid Dreaming

I’m attending a fraternity reunion on a large cruise ship. I’m hanging with some brothers and an older VIP. I sneak away and decide to head to my room. I’m now walking up a hall toward the guest rooms. I’m heading to my room, #703. I feel two keys in my front pocket and pull one out. It’s a traditional key except the head is rectangular, with the state of Illinois engraved in the center. Hmmm, we must be in Chicago. The engraved number in the state is 305. Well, that’s wrong as I’m in 703. I look again, the number is now 300. Oh, this is a dream. I’m now fully lucid.

I decide to try the LDE mirror experiment. Where will I find a mirror? I see a woman in a maid’s uniform walk up the hall toward me. I stop her and ask where I can find a mirror. She looks at me like I’m insane and says, “How should I know? Try one of the mechanical rooms.” Huh? Maybe I should look for a bathroom.

I poke my head into a couple of nearby rooms. One is a dining room with a high ceiling. On the far wall, I spy a large mirror hanging high on the wall. Excellent! It’s about 4 ft. wide by 2 ft. high in a lavish Victorian frame. I walk toward it, past a Rubenesque woman in a black dinner dress. Looking into the mirror, I don’t see me, but see two of the woman. I look back and there are two of them, like twins. Their hair and dress make them look to be mirror images of each other. Another man walks in the room. I look back in the mirror to see him and the two women. However, I still don’t see me. I walk back and forth, but I still don’t appear in the mirror. I joke that I must be a vampire. The people laugh. I then turn around and float high in the air, saying, “I AM a vampire!” The women look terrified. Oops! I quickly float back down saying, “No! No! I’m not a vampire! It’s just a parlor trick.” I suddenly wake up from the dream. I guess I got kicked out for scaring the Dream Characters.