Mike Porter – A Pancreatic Problem in Lucid Dreaming


It’s a bright, sunny day and I’m in a large auditorium with my wife. People are coming in and taking seats in anticipation of a presentation to be given by my company president. My wife and I take our seats next to an aisle. I’m anticipating all employees to be given generous gifts. A woman who looks familiar enters our row to grab a seat. As she passes me, she is very friendly, touching me as if we know each other.


My wife is not so friendly with her, refusing to move. The woman is forced to climb over her legs. Why is she being rude? After a moment, the woman comes back to exit. She is again very friendly and knows me. I know I should recognize her, but I don’t. As she steps into the aisle, I see my mom approach. They are close friends. Maybe it’s my mom’s friend “Anna”?


I thumb through a program and see an image showing the front of a building and an article about a small plane crash. I recognize it as the auditorium we’re in. I suddenly find myself standing out front. There’s a large winery across the street. I know there’s damage to the top of one of these buildings due to the crash. I look around for signs, but see nothing amiss. I wish I could see from up high. Suddenly, a white cloud forms around my legs and lifts me up above the buildings. I see the damage in the top of the auditorium. Now I realize this is a dream and I’m getting a tour!


I fly around the area and recognize the town and surrounding woods as a common setting for many dreams I’ve had. Dream memories come flooding to me as we pass landmarks I recognize. This is great fun! It’s odd that there are no people anywhere. The cloud finally sets me down at a downtown street corner. From the side, my wife approaches me. I assume she represents my higher inspiration as in most other dreams. She stops and says, “It’s pancreatic.” What???


I woke up and immediately realized she was talking about my mom’s friend Anna, who is having health issues and has been battling cancer. Maybe she has pancreatitis? I feel I need to talk to her, but it’s 4am. I decide to incubate a dream to try to contact her.


I’m suddenly in the middle of a large city. My wife is dropping me off on a street corner with the intent to drive back and get me later. I’m lucid right from the start. Ok, let’s get to work. As I walk up the block, up ahead I see a long line of people waiting to get into some underground business. That must be my place. I ignore the line and begin walking down the outdoor steps to the basement entrance. As I pass people, I notice a very tall young man with a beard in line staring at me. I stop to engage him. His tshirt immediately changes colors. I ask him if he knows his shirt changed. It then changes to a button down dress shirt. I ask again. His shirt begins changing more rapidly as does his beard and hair style. He just stares at me. I wonder if I’m making this happen or if I’m being told something. Well, this is fun and all, but I need to contact Anna.


I step inside and ask the Dream Creator to please bring me Anna. I walk into the middle of a hallway and turn right. It leads into a small laundry room with a doorway on the other side. I go through the doorway and emerge in what looks like a classroom. There are adult students sitting in small cubicles, wearing white headsets. A young man and woman in all white sit at the head of the class at large sound boards. They must be DJ’s. I ask the room if Anna is present or if anyone has seen her. Some students look up, a little startled. The DJ’s tell me to “Shhhh!” with looks of annoyance. I apologize and exit.


I cross the laundry room and as I step into the hall, I come face to face with Anna! She looks like a beautiful angel, standing in the middle of the hall with bright light glowing behind her. She has long, curled blonde hair and is wearing a long, white tunic dress. She looks exactly like Diane Kruger as Helen in the movie “Troy”. She looks so healthy! I give her a big hug and tell her we need to talk. We step into the laundry room and I set her up on a washing machine. As she sits quietly, I tell her about my previous dream and my wife saying, “It’s pancreatic.” Just as I say it, a crowd of people form around us, all trying to talk to Anna. They are asking silly questions and she looks confused. I get frustrated as I can’t get a word in. It causes me to wake up.


The next day, I left a message with Anna to contact me, but no reply. Two days later, my mom’s other friend “Sofia” was hospitalized with pancreatitis. It looks like I got the wrong friend. Thankfully, Sofia is doing fine now.