Mike Coon – The Deep Blue Sea in Lucid Dreaming


Beforehand, I decide to do the advanced TOTM, (Task Of The Month- We have a monthly task on www.dreamviews.com where we try to achieve a specific thing) swim in the cretaceous sea. I watched BBC Sea Monsters with Nigel last week and was prepared. I would enter the mirror in my room and be on Nigel’s ship.


I decide to WILD (Wake Initiated Lucid Dream) and actually do it! It is a lot like DEILD (Dream Exit Initiated Lucid Dream) after all. I lay there with my mantra and a very dim awareness and suddenly I hit SP (Sleep Paralysis). It is a slight twinge and I wonder why so short. I relax and feel it again but stronger. I get wildly excited. I feel my heart pounding and my breath shorten. I wanted a lucid so bad tonight. I force myself to be calm with my meditation. Once I relax the SP goes away. My dream body gets up but I feel really real and wonder if I am awake. I walk to the mirror and push on it and it is solid.


I am suddenly back in bed with SP. I get up and run to the mirror and bash my head on it – solid. I feel embarrassed and drunkenly go back to bed. I feel the SP again. Again I rush to the mirror. I really thought that if I entered the mirror I could be on the deck of Nigel’s ship. I hit my head on it and wonder if my wife thinks I am nuts. I feel like I was just sleepwalking. I go lay back down only to hit SP again. This time I think more about it. I remember the room didn’t look right and I barely felt the mirror. OK let’s just concentrate now.


I clear my mind. I feel like I am floating. I get the urge to spin. I feel like I am on my back and the center point is my stomach. I begin to spin so fast that I can feel the centripetal force on my arms and legs. It is a nice feeling but I want to get on Nigle’s ship! I make a new mantra. Nigel. Nigel Nigel Nigel… I imagine my hands connecting with a smooth railing of what could be on a ship’s deck. I feel the friction from my spinning movement on my hands. I stop the spinning and have a solid hold on it with my left.


Suddenly I am back in bed, sort of awake. I DEILD quickly. I hit SP again but this time I slowly get up. No good. My body feels sluggish and the bed feels like a tar pit. I can only get my left arm over the edge of the bed. I imagine my feet slowly floating over the side.


Suddenly I feel something hard and cold on my left hand. It is so cold it almost hurts. I don’t know if it got me or if I got it. I feel like I am pinching a cold, raw, half-thawed chicken wing. It scares the hell out of me and I think something evil is there. I force myself to remain calm. I know I am dreaming and I am very determined to do the TOTM. The thing is so gross but it actually helps stabilize me.


I stand up and pick the thing up since it is attached to my fingers. I want to know what it is. My vision is dim but the thing in my hand turns to my son. He feels cold and dead. I feel panic and I wonder if he is even alive. But no no. I am dreaming – he is not real. I really have to tell myself this. I don’t feel like I am going to wake up but a part of me wants to so that I could check on him. I cuddle him to me and calm down. I force myself to walk to the mirror once more.


I feel my son sort of melt into my left arm and disappear. I slowly face the mirror and with more determination I press my face into it as hard as I can. It is just solid. So weird. I see my reflection. My face is blurred and my reflection is looking to my left with a mind of its own. Yes I am definitely dreaming. I breathe out with frustration and my breath fogs the glass. I hear my wife complain about something. I look over and she throws an arm up in disgust. I say, “OOOH SHUT UP. You’re not real anyway.”


OK time to think: how am I going to do this? I open the bedroom door thinking I would just be there. Nope. I walk to the front door and really concentrate on being on Nigle’s ship. I walk to it but I am slowed down. The room stretches and I can’t reach the door. I try to run but I feel like some force has me by the waist and I can’t get any traction. GOD my house is getting scary!


I see my hands and it causes me to pause for a moment. They look so odd that I am distracted. I remembered something I wanted to try. I look at my fingers and see how crazy distorted they are. The lengths are all wrong and some fingers fan out into 4 or 5 other ones. I kind of chuckle at this. I have read that this happens in dreams and makes a good RC (Reality Check) but I had never see it for myself in a lucid dream, only in HI (Hypnagogic Imagery). Then, I remember something else and I try to make magic like on Skyrim or the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Bah – I got nothing.


OK back to work! I am too determined not to complete my task. I force my way to the door and now it won’t open. So I hit it. It cracks like glass. AH HA! I hit it again and again and each time the door cracks away. I begin to see daylight. The living room was so dark before. Now the door looks really weak so I use ‘the force.’ I force-push like in Star Wars and the door explodes into tiny pieces.


I run outside, but it is just my normal neighborhood. I run a few houses down to the south. On the East side of my street I see 2 women sitting on their front porch, talking.


I stop and ask, “Can I get a ride to Nigel’s boat?” I figure it was worth a shot. They both look hesitant and shocked that I talked to them. I think about how DCs (Dream Characters) like to talk gibberish a lot and I don’t expect much of an answer.


But the one on the left says, “Yeah.” I follow her to her house across the street. She is wearing a black and grey one-piece bathing suit. I see her keys in her hand.


I say, “Well, the thing is, we might have to drive to the ocean. That’s a long way.” I think how I don’t want to spend my LD (Lucid Dream) trapped in a long car ride! She looks discouraged and confused.


I decide to try to convince her of something else. I say, “Look. Don’t you have a teleporter? I know you have to. Eeeeeveryone has a teleporter!” I look at her, hopeful, and try to convince her.


Then she says one word without emotion, “Yes.”


As she goes in her house she turns and says, “I have to freshen up a bit.”


I follow her inside but think to ask, “Is it ok if I come in?’ Again she says “Yes.” I look around and she has a messy house. I see a cat run off. I take it all in.