Melanie Schädlich – Questions to the Awareness in Lucid Dreaming


I can‘t remember how I got lucid, I just am. I am in my hometown. I remember that I wanted to ask some questions to the awareness behind the dream.


In the first one I refer to a certain undertaking that I am planning (but that for some reason I am not starting to organize, although I want to do it). I am asking, what is holding me back or something like that. (I can‘t remember what exactly I asked.) First the dream stays silent, but then answers in the very deep male, friendly, kinda funny voice that it most often has in my dreams. It says something about two lines, going from A to B or something like that.


Furthermore, it says something about making two semicircles that are made out of these two lines and which are put together to create a circle. (I think that I asked for clarification, but can‘t remember more.)


The second question I am asking is linked to the first one (I only remember it vaguely and it was not phrased logically – I think I asked two questions which were contradictive to some degree). The dream answers that it cannot answer this. I then ask if my current physical complaint is something I should worry about, but the dream clearly answers, “No.”


I am then done asking, fly a little, and start some sexual activity which I soon give up, because I want to try something I haven‘t done before. I am thinking if I should ask the dream “I want to feel what it is like to be a…” I consider saying “bird,” but while I am still thinking I lose focus and am distracted by some dream figures and I lose lucidity completely.