Melanie – My First and Most Lucid Dream in Lucid Dreaming

This started as a regular sort of dream involving a large old house. Starting to climb the exterior staircase on the back of the house, I was immediately questioning how narrow it was, having to turn sideways to squeeze my way up. “Why would anyone design such a ridiculous staircase?”

The next thing I’m aware of is a room with a nice archway into a larger room. Not even knowing what a lucid dream was, the symbolism did not register, but immediately after stepping into the larger room, realized it was a dream. “This is a dream. I’m dreaming!”, which all seemed perfectly fine to me. My new level of lucidity reminded me of a closet in the other room and thought, “I’m going to go back in there and find out what’s in that closet.”

Moving back through the arch more details of the room were available to me. The floor in front of the wall of sliding closet doors looked very unstable and dangerous. It was like a thick lattice in an advanced stage of rot. Undeterred, I reasoned that if I skirted the rotted center of the room and stayed very close to the far wall, it would be OK. I moved along hugging the wall to the closet doors and started sliding them with both hands, and they slide and slide and slide, but never open. This strikes me as absolutely hilarious and out of the core of my body explodes a belly laugh, “HAAA!”

Immediately, a being enters the room through the arch from the larger room. The power of it’s presence is not expressible in words. In a fraction of a second I see what appears to be a human figure, not unlike myself, but I’m instantly transported over to that side of the room. There is now a powerful “stream” of energy flowing towards me into my solar plexus, approximately 10″ in diameter. The figure is no longer visually available to me and this stream completely captivates my attention. I can see through it, but there is also a visual aspect of sparkly golden bits in the stream. I reach my hands into the stream, playing with it while trying to figure out what’s going on.

Within the stream is a state of being. I could viscerally feel the emotional content of this beingness. I was at the time, and still am, compelled to describe it as “Powerful Powerful Powerful Confidence and Complete Ease”. There was no lack or fear whatsoever. It was delicious. I had certainly never experience this level of reality in my entire life (in my mid 50’s at the time) and basked in it for an indiscernible period of time, but would realistically guess perhaps 15 seconds.

Then, to my right and behind me, I see a hand sweeping upward and a voice saying “These curtains are perfect! They’re exactly as they’re meant to be.” Understand, that I’m in the decorative arts and this seemed tailor made for me. The experience of reality tailoring paranormal events to alleviate my fears has occurred several times in other situations. Kind of nice really.

As I swing around to see the window, which I don’t remember seeing before, the curtains definitely don’t look perfect to my eyes. This hits me hard. They were all wrong and all at once I find this highly ironic and at the same time perceive it to be a metaphor for this life and a statement about Judgement (not a topic which had meaning for me at the time). The figure is not visible as I ponder in very conscious amazement at what is happening. This event also seems highly amusing to me and another belly laugh shoots out of me. In that moment, I find myself rising into an awake state with full memory of what has just happened. The intense feeling in my core is still there and lingers for perhaps 7-8 seconds after becoming fully awake. I’m completely blown away.

For a period of a few months, I can pull the state of being on like a cloak. It was not unlike seeing Christopher Reeves from a stooped posture as Clark Kent, remove the glasses and rise up into Superman. The feeling of confidence and ease was amazing. It usually didn’t last long, as I became distracted, but one morning found myself in that state of being for about four hours. Nothing bothered me: my husbands driving, other people, nothing at all. Everything seemed perfectly and normally, perfect. On another occasion, I’d seen a photo of a local couple (wealthy celebrities) in the newspaper and felt the stab of lackfullness. Finding it difficult to reason my way out of the feeling, I pulled on the cloak and instantly in my minds eye the photo of the couple appeared, as another Powerful stream of energy burst from the center of my chest out toward the photo. I described the emotion as THRILL or an overwhelming feeling of excitement and appreciation.

After finding out what a lucid dream was, more than a dozen have occurred over the years, and although very exciting afterwards, they were short and mundane compared to this first one. This was something else entirely.