Megan Handel – The Dream Portal in Lucid Dreaming

I would like to talk about two lucid dreams that are connected, involving the dream portal. The dream portal is where I draw a door with my fingers and walk through to another place.

My very first dream portal occurred last year while taking a nap on my couch. I entered this dream after finding myself in sleep paralysis. I used the FILD (Finger-Induced Lucid Dream) method, in which a person directs focus to the movement of the index and middle fingers (commonly used in the WBTB method). This allowed me to see my dream through a small hole, surrounded by a black void. When I saw my dream in this small hole, I drew myself toward it by focusing on that place through the void.

My dream scene became a beach. While walking along the beach, I turned around and saw mountains, with a town in the far distance. I looked to my right again to make sure the ocean was still behind me, and I was happy to find a place with both hills and ocean. I began walking toward the hills along a dirt road. I found a hillside, and decided to jump on this hillside to find out what was on the other side. To my surprise, there were more hills and more water in the middle.

I decided to fly a little, and enjoyed the different colors of grass in the sunset. I noticed a young blonde guy fishing near a dam. I then remembered that I wanted to make a dream portal, which had been my challenge for some time. So, I jumped on top of a wall, which I believe was the dam, and began drawing a doorway with my index finger. As I was drawing the door, my finger created a bluish lightning type of outline. Once I completed the outline, a white door appeared with a gold doorknob. I decided to open it and walk through; however, I found myself walking into a black void. I tried to imagine a place, any place, but it remained black. So, I found myself disappointed. I turned around to make sure the door was still there, so I could get back out of the blackness. I was surprised to still see the door halfway open. However, when I walked back through, I ended up on my couch, awake. 

The second dream occurred last month, where I woke up from a dream. In this dream, I was in a singing class with one of my friends. After waking up, I decided to fall back to sleep. I found myself still consciously awake, while witnessing my body falling asleep and entering into REM (my heart began to race and my eyes began to flutter). At that moment, I decided to use the FILD method again. My goal was to go back into my dream and tell my friend that he was in my lucid dream.

I ended up in an industrial building with hallways and doors. I walked into one of the rooms, looking for my friend, but another person told me that he already left. I decided to make another door, but this time it was through a brick wall. Again, the same lightning blue color appeared while drawing the outline of the door. This time, it was a gray double door. I pushed the doors open, and ended up in a hallway, with a bunch of lockers to my left. I realized I was in the “hallway between dreams.”

There was another single door at the end of the hallway, which I decided to walk through. However, the second door led to waking up in my apartment. My goal is to someday find out what is on the other side of the hallway or black void.