Maynard Reich – God’s Love for You in Lucid Dreaming

I have had a variety of lucid dreams, and all seem spiritual to me. In one, I dreamed I was at a bar with a friend. I do drink but not in bars and something seemed unusual to me which triggered the realization that I was dreaming. I started trying to fly through the roof but was not succeeding, but finally I did succeed and was able to fly just a short ways away and land on a house roof.

Some normal-looking guy in blue jeans and a plaid shirt landed there too and we started talking and I realized that He was God. I asked Him if he thought it bad that I like to drink beer, and he just laughed and pulled out a small vial that looked like dark red blood and took just a drop and He said, “This is my Elixir.” He sort of slurred His words and He started joking and being really funny.

Then a man in a suit landed and shook my hand and God said, “Maynard, I would like to introduce you to Jesus.” Then God said, “Let’s go to Australia,” and as soon as He said it, He and I were there and looking at vast wide open spaces. Then He said, “Now let’s go to the Himalayas.” We were looking at some incredibly beautiful Mountains when a man in a White Robe appeared and God introduced me to Him, and said, “Maynard, I would like you to meet the Dalai Lama!” I was a little shocked and asked the Dalai Lama if He was the same person as Jesus, because they seemed the same to me, just dressed differently. He said, “We are just different aspects of the same energies representing God’s Love for you.”